Is The Coronavirus Quarantine A Blessing in Disguise?

Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak a woman wearing a face mask

The Coronavirus pandemic has required millions of us to self-quarantine and while we are having to deal with such unpredictable tough times, there is still a silver lining that comes along with it. So is this juncture another blessing in disguise?

A New Begining For a New Decade

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It's 2020 and that marks a fresh new decade of huge possibilities. But as we accomplish milestones and take on with new ones, let's appreciate and reach out to those who couldn't. Also as we witness natural disasters and political upheavels in all corners of our world, let kindness and empathy make way for a much more meaningful decade to come.

Do it Anyway!

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It is not in the knowing alone, but also in the unknown, that allows us to harness our unseen potential and become a sign of the purpose of life. And such can be the manifestation of bliss! ♥     Image by: unsplash-logoGeorge Hiles


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  Always! There is this voice inside each of us, dormant or super active and somehow it has some of the best advice in store for us. It is completely up to us if we choose to Listen to it or sway it off based on a momentary thought that might just be an excuse blanketing …


"If you can't fly, then run, if you can't run, then walk, if you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward. -  Martin Luther King Jr Because there is no pride in dwelling on the past.   Featured Image: Jit De

And With Love, She Glowed~ Devi Mahagauri

Day 8 of Navrtari ~ Goddess Mahagauri Hindus all over and in every corner of the world is spirited with festivity today, to rejoice the eighth incarnation of the gorgeous Hindu Goddess Durga. Ancient legends and mythology narrate fascinating stories of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. For the 8th incarnation of Goddess Durga's, "Mahagauri" avatar, …

Bringing in Light Through The Darkness- Devi Kaalratri

Day 7 of Navratri ~ "Goddess Kaalratri" India celebrates the seventh day of the most awaited festival of the year, today. The seventh day of the Navratri is dedicated to the fiercest incarnation of Goddess Durga as " Goddess Kaalratri".Her dark complexion, bountiful hair, a shining necklace and four hands -two left hands holding a torch …

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable- Jillian Michaels

get comfortable with being uncomfortable-blog-mindeology

There is something so attractive about the whole idea of comfort.Be it a bean bag, a reclining couch, our favorite bed, our comfort food or simply the zone in which we are 'stuck.' Being comfortable in our own nutshell, however, is one of the safest zones we can choose to live. The comfort of a mindset that has …

Que Sera Sera

"Whatever will be, will be.. the future's not ours to see.. Que Sera Sera" One of the most popular chart-busters of the 1950's by Doris Day, could not have been more evident as for today. I crisply remember this song being taught back in the cherished school days in our music lesson classes and our …

Faith vs Fear

faith vs fear- blog-mindeology

Interesting! Last Friday, as out on one of our Friday dine out events at an American Diner, we happened to be friends there with a lady aged with experience and insights and so much and more was just being casually discussed over a steaming cup of hot coffee getting cold. It is then when out of the many things, …

Gifted by the Divine

Believed to have appeared from the left side of Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga or Parvati attains her ninth embodiment in the form of "Siddhidatri", meaning the giver of supernatural powers.  On the 9th and final day of the Navrati festival, the "Siddhidatri" form of the Goddess is worshiped in full spirit and enthusiasm. Being the …

Welcome Fall

That time of the year arrives again. Dried, crisp and rustic leaves begin to float in the air and like a surprise, the harshness of the summer sun begins to fade. The devoted mercury in the thermometers can now anticipate some sigh of relief from their routine rise and the transition is yet again a …

Behind Limitations

Pic Source: As I logged into my computer this morning and opened the browser in search for new things that would interest me and divert my mind from my seemingly 'high aspirations' to find my way back through my career, I came across this picture and it startled me. I cannot explain well enough what …


Good food is delight and good dessert is a bliss! I had come across this picture sometime ago and the resemblance of it with me was so strong that I couldn't help saving it on my desktop. What an untold yet explicit expression has this picture captured or may be it is all about the …