‘Media-ocre’ Drama


The other day while my husband and I were watching television after a long day, we were gaping at some TV commercials when we had our eyes on a new one, defining seduction in a different angle.

Not surprisingly, it was yet another commercial that ends up publicizing a ‘deodorant?’. I mean, whats wrong with the media and the publicity business. Does anything and everything have to sell on the backbone of such an art of seduction?

Whether it is a body lotion or talc, a cologne, chocolates, even some beverages, perfumes and deodorants, simply anything and everything seems to evolve around the concept “that seduction”sells. Just having a look at this commercial makes me feel so dumbfound as to why do we even, not have an authority of trashing them.


Generally, we are familiar with movies or tv series having a restricted audience depending upon their content, but such useless & unrestricted commercials that are being watched numerous times in a day, where you end up wondering whether it’s about a condom (which could rather still make some sense), you eventually land up with some uninformative cosmetic commercial where serious viewing restrictions & filtration might be well required.

For a nation trying to grow so fast, I genuinely feel there is an absolute need of good and positive information that needs to be fed to mature and young minds. An image where women are treated as an object of pleasure or a commodity to boost the market of a particular product should be absolutely unappreciated. The entire focus is either about being fair, being slim, be it the body, or being more indispensably needed, are randomly portrayed through such commercials. When on one hand, there is an upsurge to make the world, not see women as mere products or objects of entertainment, on the very other hand are such ways of  our media’s disconsolate publicity that gives ample scope to look at women in a more depreciated manner.

Such a portrayal does no help but rather is a negative tool to paramount gender expression and set odd standards for the women constantly. It is high time that the contribution of women to the society, as a whole should be valued effortlessly instead of being a tale of struggle.

I recently came across this video and felt it worth a share as it has a significant influence on the kind of life that we as women are leading in a ” progressive and globalized” world. 

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