My Little Red Friend


For the first time ever, I was so far away from my home and even my homeland.

I was learning to start and live a life with a new and exciting definition.

I was newly married and newly relocated.

Miles away from my home in India, I was sitting here all by myself in my husband’s apartment that I was supposed to start calling as ‘ours’. Wisconsin was way colder and quiet than what I was ever familiar to. From the time he would leave for his work and after I would wrap up with my daily household chores, I would simply sit in one corner of the couch recollecting old & happy memories with my family, who were now miles away. In spite of the soothing comfort from my husband, the silence would echo in my ears and I could sense myself enveloped in, what I remember calling like a ‘paranormal activity.’

The cold and chilling breeze would forbid me to open the windows or step out in the balcony to help me get some fresh air. Days passed by and the silent loneliness became my only alliance. Until one day when, as I sat down gazing across my balcony, a bright little angel in red and vibrant colors came chirping in, hopping here and there on the wooden planks.

I couldn’t have been more happier in all this while. The little cardinal from this day onward was my new friend.He brought in smile and company to my lonely self. He would come chirping in everyday during noon and early evening hours. In the effort to build my friendly approach I tried to build a rapport by offering him the different kinds of pulses I had in my pantry and would secretly watch his consent to peck on them. With some simple surveys, it was clearly evident that the Indian grams did not interest him enough. This time, I tried my luck with peanuts and I was lucky.

I now had a new activity. I started opening the door and stepping outdoors. The chilly breeze had now turned pleasant. The tress were starting to get dressed up with new green attires and floral adornments and the bunnies had started exploring the land outside their burrows. Spring had started setting in and so did my new friendship with this little cardinal bird or my little red friend of joy.

It became a delightful part of my routine to lay a row of peanuts in my veranda and watch him chirping, trying to peep in the doors and splitting the nuts with its tiny beak. I somehow, was now able to pulse his time of arrivals, joined in later by his own sweet company of love.


Yes,by now I had two of them. Merry making as they chirped and cracked the peanuts into bits. Each time I wished they would come forever and I would give them an endless supply of nuts.

Its been a year now, that I have to returned to India. But even then, in my lonesome time I miss my two little friends, that wooden perch, their spilling of nutshells on my balcony and the simple joys I cherished, watching them.

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