A Beautiful Flower in my Garden : Mo

mo (2)

I believe life to be a beautiful garden and in this garden is the fragrance of some wonderful people, great experiences and a mixed bag of delightful beings.Such is the aroma of life.

As I walk along, I wish to collect in the basket of my heart, memories, adventures and experiences that leave me touched and enriched.There is one such lady whom I have virtually known for quite sometime, who has inspired me to become a better being . It is a rare occasion when I do not admire her or wish to become someone like her.

She has so much compassion in her eyes and strength in her words that if at some time I fail to listen to the message she is trying to put across, I start feeling guilty.

I have loved animals all my life but have not been able to express the same publicly or for that matter do anything for them out of the way. It has just been a deep seated desire, that she instills in me and gets me kind of activated.It is only after knowing her that I am aware of how brutal we humans can be on the non-humans being just for the sake of pleasure and how meaningful a life is by becoming a vegan. She has unknowingly moved me from a different corner of the world and meeting her in person is a ‘thing to do’ in my small bucket list.

I do not know whether I would be eligible for that since am an ‘in the process’ vegan candidate but I have taken my baby steps for sure and try doing my bit each time. For every small accomplishment, I start feeling closer to her and its truly amazing.

With all the love she spreads around the world through non-human beings, she seems to receive lot more than that. You are not an animal liberation activist to me Mo, you are an inspiration to me of what I would want to become. Thank you for being a wonderful flower that I meet in my garden everyday and for being so precious to this world where humanity is disappearing at a fast rate.

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