No…It Doesn’t Belong To Me


Two years ago, one morning my mom eagerly called me up to the terrace. Frantically I rushed up thinking what could possibly make her feel so hyper early in the morning when she showed me a milkman milking a cow and in that setting, was her new born calf  tied up at a distance,continuously mourning.

Well, I had been hearing this mourn for past a couple of days then, but in the morning hours of rush I never bothered to investigate its root. However I could read from the expression on my mothers face each morning with the onset of this mourn that it could possibly be something unpleasant. She explained to me that morning that “this is how brutal we are”. We milk a cow, a mother, when her child is hungry and simply take it away from her, leaving little or none for her calf . I kept standing there wondering what my mother just told me looking helpless at another mother and her baby. May be that expression of grief combined with disgust on my mom’s face was because she herself is a mother and universally the relation of a mum with her baby is indistinguishable.

From that day onward, I felt guilty with every packet of milk I bought and every sip I consumed. But I overlooked, Everyone said “you need to drink milk”, ” you are a growing woman and you need calcium”, you have a menstrual cycle and you need protein and calcium”, the doctors said,” you have low blood pressure, drink milk”. The internet read out load that in order to maintain a healthy weight balance and nutrition, you need to consume a glass of milk and its products. Now I was simply confused and torn with conflicting thoughts. On one side was the question of my body and the other side, that moral factor of taking something that did not belong to me.

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I just kept wondering one thing, the population of my country is so huge, leaving aside the world’s. Do we have so many cows or buffaloes or goats who could normally lactate liters and liters of milk on a daily basis? Its not even slightly possible that they could do that without any artificial treatment and in return lactating with or without a baby all round the year.No mammal can technically do that. And I am one of those who blindly drinks this white liquid, the so-called nutritious hormone every single day.

My guilt and curiosity gave me the drive to explore more on the subject. Every other day I was exposed to read the nuisance of the dairy farming and the atrocities these domesticated animals bear for our taste-buds.  Thanks to my friends who openly spread across their experiences and knowledge via social platforms. And what I find out is not only disgusting but heart breaking.If I could be allowed to put it across in crude terms, I could say without a hitch, its our way of molesting them of their right and choice to life.

Apart from my mother, I also did hear from my husband and his sister, about not being able to digest dairy milk, cheese etc. They labeled themselves as lactose intolerant. Initially I belonged to the thought process thinking of them as a weaker section of people in comparison to me who consumed milk on a daily basis. Well I was duped. The fact that emerged to me after regular insight is at least 65% of the human population being intolerant and that was a very natural phenomena. As we grow, our bodies do not require milk or lactose and that is a natural way of expelling it out from the body and for those who consume without a notice, you should be knowing that it is doing no good to you.

Since then, for the past one and a half year I voluntarily reduced my consumption of milk to give it a shot. Looking back now, surprisingly to old thoughts and beliefs, I realized that by eliminating one product in my diet I was actually doing better. My weight has been consistently on reduction, my skin is better than ever before and much better than my peers who staunchly consume milk, my nutrition levels and hemoglobin has been equally good without any dip. Furthermore with the overcoming of my spinal cord treatments, I have noticed no complaints whatsoever by removing dairy milk from my diet.I now had no reason to continue putting this hormonal fluid into my body and I succeed to put a stop.


However, the saddest part is whenever I have been trying to share this experience with my friends, relatives or associates. They would only hear but not listen.They forbid to believe that like for any mammal including us, a mother’s milk is meant for her baby alone. Its an unwillingness to notice the tragedy that goes behind that one packet of milk they buy, the pointless consumption of a fake diet and moreover, most importantly, turning a blind eye towards compassion for an exploitation for which we are responsible.


I am not here proclaiming any cause. I know its not easy to give up on all the delicious things dairy can make but there are healthier alternatives. It’s not been easy for me either. But is it easy to be part of an agony, sickness or misery being a conscious human being? Certainly not for me. I would pledge to choose a path of morality and good health rather than having something that does not belong to me.

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