In a House Or a Home?


I remember reading in school that the words house and home are one and the same thing and technically they are also synonyms for each other. However over the years of growing, I do feel that there is a thin line that divides the two. I can have a big house and a small home or a big home and a small house. Did this read to be a bit confusing?

Sometimes it seems to me like they are two similar but different sized containers that fit into one another. Sorry for the comparison, they seem to reflect my frequent activities at arranging my kitchen but given a serious random thought, I see people mentioning about the amount they have spent or are planning to spend to build or buy a house. There are property hoardings that proclaim selling homes and not houses and their big sized schemes with all the up-to-date amenities and western influenced luxury lifestyle.Yeah, there seem to be too much playing around with these words and psychology of happiness chasing day dreamers like us.

Well but, what is a big house about when people reside and not a family? What is about the chunks of money that we invest in buying concrete but believe in no investment building relationships with our very own people, our neighbors or trusted friends? What is about having the most expensive breed of dog or pet in a big mansion and having no ‘time’ whatsoever to look into their innocent eyes or take them for buddy stroll? It is meaningless. For all the acres of land or the size of an apartment we own, all shall seem to be looking like a morose dream very soon once we realize that the cable of empathy had been long unplugged and we have been putting ourselves like a glorified ignorant.

We may all have a house, may be owned, leased or rented. But we may not have a home. A home is what we build within us and among us being the people who have stood by us for good and for bad. It is one that property agents, even coming to your doorstep cannot sell, but one that you need to build each day for years. It is about holding hands and simple saying, “its ok, we will sail it through” , to give a warm hug whenever we can, to appreciate for the little things and be grateful without doubts, to sit to eat and chat together and laugh on mistakes that we all make and not stopping to look ahead are the small “EMI’s” that we make to build a home that can never be broken or weathered away but only strengthen. A home is one that needs emotions and a heart to build and sustain irrespective of the market value of a concrete House, Villa or Mansion. Even if you are far from your house you may necessarily not be far from home because you always carry your home in your heart that beats distances.

“Home is people. Not a place. If you go back there after the people are gone, then all you can see is what is not there any more.”
Robin Hobb, Fool’s Fate

When today everything is about the market value, investments and returns, can we take a step back and see whether we make enough to build a home, a family in its truest sense? Certainly this is an investment too with never ending returns. Because when once the Home is set, the House can never be too far. 

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