Beyond the Bounds of ‘Adoption’

We all like to have our own imprints on this planet. While imprints can have a lot of connotations but with my observation in a last couple of days, they have been mostly about leaving your imprints on the blessed earth only via your own offspring and imagine, in India if you happen to be married for over an year, the most promising probable question you can expect popping for you is “Is there a good news?” and the disappointing answer could be a sighed blatant “no”.

Sadly we obliterate about leaving footprints through social conduct, societal contributions,the fact about ‘charity begins at home’ and end up with a vital discussion about having it done only through our babies. Well as a social animal and a woman I do not dismiss the idea of the overwhelming joy of being a parent to an adorable child but is that really it?

A few days back, at a friendly gathering and random discussions when I raised the subject of adoption as an exceptionally decent thing to be done, I surely did not have much supporting agreement to the subject as people generally till date sway away from the matter as the least important thing to be done. It is indeed strange when people of the current genesis too do not believe in the theory of adoption. Raised concerns like mismatching features, difference in genetics and behaviors and not being a stem to the blood line seem futile since adoption means acceptance with differences and loving that acceptance.

It is way easy to love and adore people or even adore things belonging to us right from our beginning but making a life form ours,by the will of love, is all about the beauty of adoption. Life teaches us to allow friends, our love, societal figures and influences, mannerisms ,behaviors and lifestyle requirements that we adopt along our way anticipating the idealistic kind of life.We do come across other sentient beings who lend their selfless love on the innocent abandons yet, the word ‘adoption’ becomes so much like the boulder of ignorance and nonacceptance to the ‘advanced us’.

India still beholds the idea that adoption is only for those who may be restricted with a biological motherhood but since when has motherhood been a restricted emotion?

Either we might have misread the word in school or may be its another aspect of our life that we wish to run on the wheels of conveniences. In my country sadly, we always need a developed nation or a celebrity to set standards for ourselves to get going into a particular action but simultaneously refrain from the idea of being the change ourselves.It is truly admirable when I have come across in my country, those numbered open minded and brave souls who move beyond traditions and believe in improving their overall existence by adopting a life.

Adopting a child or an animal is not a state of charity or a vent of a grieving heart but an extension of your humanity and unconditional love where you openly accept and allow a life to grow, nurture and blossom. Life and bloodlines do not give us guarantee for happiness in our coming old days but humble gestures and good values does. So the next time we suspiciously look down upon the subject it is nice to be aware that subconsciously, its us who are afraid to shower our affection and not about the one who is waiting to be owned by our act of love.

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