Enthralled by the ‘Michigan’


I have always been fascinated by the abundance of the blue expanse and  have loved the shade of the Teal.

Whenever as a child, we traveled by a train that crossed a bridge over a river, I used to wonder about how deep would the hole be to hold so much water. The fact that the water from all the oceans and rivers doesn’t drip off the globe is one of the childish amusements that I can still wonder about with, my heart smirking inside.

pic courtesy: Nabomita

The itinerary of  the breaking waves at the shore is a splendid activity that this accumulated bouquet of H2O so naturally posses and makes me marvel at all the life that it holds inside, not letting the onlooker even have the bleakest idea of its mysterious beauty. I have envied those lucky deep water divers who happen to have the chance to plunge into the’ life of beyond’, of what exists on the surface and awe themselves with another aspect of the life which is different in its own ways and yet so similar to the one we live in everyday.

pic courtesy: Nabomita @ Lake Shore Wisconsin

To my collection of astonished admiration, if I could recollect such a wondrous hydro conglomeration that would clearly be when I happened to eye the huge Michigan during my stay in Wisconsin and trips around . Off all the rivers and seas I have witnessed in all my years, this lake is surely something so wondrous to me, that  I can fall short of my own expressions. For the first things, in my course of geographical interpretations, I could never comprehend something as large as the Michigan being even called a lake!

Pic courtesy: Nabomita @ Arch Rock, Mackinac Islands
Pic Courtesy: Nabomita @ Mackinac Islands

Call it my small town Indian habitat or my country where the largest and widest water shore could be only of a sea, the term’ lake’ to this huge water mass simply meant an understatement to me. Each time we drove to the lake shore, all that I remember is pure delight watching the swell of the waves, the magnificent shades of blue, the colorful kayaks, the contrasting white motor boats and hovering elegant white sea gulls and my countless attempts to capture this fascination through my lenses. If anything that could powerfully charm me during my 3 month short stay in Wisconsin was the fascinating Michigan that ran across six states and still be called a ‘Lake’.

With happy surfers on it, boat rides, sporty swimmers and families with adorable babies savoring at the shore,I witnessed  this lake behold so many stories in and and around its very own perimeter that it was so humbly unaware of.

Far off the lands, as I travel back to my country in India, I still cherish so many memories of this natural beauty that my mind uncontrollably trots back to the memory lane and yearns asking for some more of the cherished potion for this picturesque aquatic basin.

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