Oh! and I love that cake…

“Love is like a good cake; you never know when it’s coming, but you’d better eat it when it does!”
― C. JoyBell C.

There are literally very few things that I can mention in my scroll down list of weaknesses, and especially when it comes down to food, I have earned quite some reputation in the field of self control.

Well why not? There is a tale behind that too. I have had a childhood of a chubby baby since the time my body has loved accepting food absorption to its system. Owing the genetics of a Bengali family,there is no way I could have denying taste buds. But due to prolonged health issues and the accompanying medical advice’s, needed me to keep a watch over my weight, along my growing years. This had bestowed my mother the plight of keeping a track on every unnecessary  morsel of food that intended to make its journey close to my mouth. I don’t say her intentions were bad but I was really too young then, to understand the positive angle of her saying a ‘no’ to me.

However as years went by and I had my acquired my understanding to the needs of a healthy and controlled diet experiencing the benefits of it first hand, I have also managed to attain an unsaid accomplishment to identify food that would either benefit my taste buds or replenish my health.

I learnt to give up or in some cases controlled to the extreme limits, categories of food that do not stand in the cue of the word ‘healthy’, but, in the end seriously I have surrendered myself in owning up my weakness that I have for this amazing world of the bakers delight labelled as cakes or anything that has to do with them.

From the smell of the scratch ingredients, the aroma that secretly drifts out of the oven and the amazing output that rises thereafter makes me forget of all the sinful calorific values that is secretly hidden in it. Whether am feeling low or flying high in the seventh heaven, all that I and my palate needs is just a slice of this delight. If it’s a birthday or an anniversary in my family all that I can think to surprise, gift, celebrate or create by myself is my version of a lovely cake though am still not confident with the part that involves frosting. Days that I am low or even pepped up, I am always tempted to turn towards my pantry and pull out my ‘most of the time’ stocked ingredients that allows me to bake myself a cake and simply be happy about it.

One spoon of it and I feel indisputably lost in bliss. I wish I could some day be efficient enough to bake some awesome cakes that I seldom browse over YouTube or the ones that i flip through books and be so proud of myself (well this is one of the many desires I have though) or say even attend events of cake tasting. Even the thought of it sounds tempting to me. At times I simply wonder if I really have any past life attachment to this addictive connection that I haven’t been able to give up as yet nor do I have any such intentions ever, so far.

For such an every bite of it, I feel compelled never to quit the gym and never to eye on any other food weakness so that I always have some scope of escape to this bliss. After all its true when they say that “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

My admiration goes out to all the lovely people mastering this art of cake making.Kudos!

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