Snoopy’s Dairy- Day 1

14th September 2015

At some point of time, we all are aware of the stage when we are temporarily in a life’s “shifting” phase. Change of job or like in my case, not engaged in any full time job for the time being, settling down in a new city and staying alone all day in the apartment once my husband leaves for work, can be at times too much of a package deal to handle.

Besides the fact that I enjoy keeping myself busy reading, cooking, shelter volunteer chores, fitness regime, there still has been a kind, of  some missing factors making me want more to add to my day.

So likewise on the 13th September 2015, as I prepared dinner, I happened to receive a desperate call from one of my friends whom I met at the Blue Cross of Hyderabad (BCH). Manushri, sounded very upset as she spoke to me about the condition of a dog that was left to hover around on the harsh streets among the other wild strays and had been spotted by her friend who also wanted to help. We all were eager to help this poor abandoned soul and do whatever we could, in our capacity. Owing to this gesture, the abandoned soul was taken home by Meenakshi, Manushri’s friend, for the night to pass as the coming day awaited new challenges for Meenakshi and majorly for the dog.

The following day I hadn’t heard a word from either of them and I was relieved knowing that the dog must have finally found a rescue by now. But that is not where his story seemed to end, rather begin.

On the evening of 14th September 2015, as I had spent my post noon hours browsing pages over Facebook, wondering about fostering a dog, but each time I clicked on a page, it did not belong to Hyderabad. I casually dismissed my idea considering it amateurish and decided with my husband over the chit chat of the evening coffee time, that no matter what happens we need to bring an adorable dog to our life once we move into the new city where his transfer is apparently due.

The discussion was over with similar agreements and immediately then, I received a call from Manushri, sounding as upset like the previous night, mentioning in desperation that they could not find a home for the abandoned soul. Dog shelters refused as they were already overbooked with high in numbers and the rescue shelters dint want to keep abandoned pets but only strays, on account of previous experiences  of harassment caused by owners who come to claim back pets once they were cured.

To me the news was sad but the calling was urgent. I wanted to foster a dog for a longtime for the sake of company and here I get an opportunity to jump in, but there lied a challenge of taking care of an abused and abandoned soul that was sick and needed skin treatments. Without thinking much and in agreement with Som (my husband, in this story) took a step forward and raised our hand to give this chap a foster care till he heals as well as give ourselves a chance with the dog.

In no time i picked up my phone and dialed Meenakshi, asking details about the dog and opting to foster till he heals after which she would be adopting him for good. With some honest hearts and one that was immensely sad, begins the journey of this little one, 7 year old, leashed buddy whom we unanimously decided to call Snoopy.

With medications to be picked up, Meenakshi was now on her way to our apartment as we all patiently waited to welcome him to his new home.

After 45 minutes of daunting traffic, Meenakshi arrives along with her family to mutually introduce Snoopy to me and likewise. I gently took hold of his leash and took him upstairs and he was gladly welcomed.

Sadly Snoopy arrived in a poor state. It seemed he had been subject to severe abuse by his previous owners. He looked sad. He has issues related to skin that had been left untreated, he is malnourished, his teeth broken either with deficiency or with purpose and seemed to us that his tail cut was cutoff too with purpose.

Snoopy’s Day 1 at my house.

The night of 14th September was the beginning of a challenge to both of us as we had never seen a pet so sad. We served him light dinner, applied his ointment followed by his oral medicines. He was too scared to even sit out with us and in minutes sneaked underneath the sofa, randomly itching himself and frequently falling off to sleep with old fears and new hopes.

We dimmed the lights and went off to bed with early morning alarms set in tribute to the new home member. 🙂

To be continued…

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