Snoopy’s Dairy – Day 2

15th September 2015

I was in the middle of my early morning daze dream when a typical sound is what seemed to penetrate into my ears. “No”, I said.  “It couldn’t be the alarm, I still have some more buffer time to snooze.” In a fraction of a second I woke up with a jerk realizing that we now had a new member, Snoopy in the living area. Yes it was him, squeaking in a cry baby tone.

I must admit that what alarm clocks haven’t been able to do to me or rather both of us in years, Snoopy’s presence did that magic which was honestly a version of a mild trauma too. We hurriedly came out of the room to realize it was just 5.30 in the morning and the sunlight was yet too bleak to mark the beginning of the day for us in a normal course of routine. Snoopy had his nature’s call and it was really an urgent one.

We ran with him downstairs with gloomy and dreamy eyes as he took his time to relieve himself and without any inhibition of the yet unexposed daylight and partly deserted new landscape in front of our apartment, Snoopy was all set to venture his new territory which although, was unknowingly going to be temporary for him.

As he took his own sweet time to explore his world among the grasses, lamp posts and parked cars to start marking his territory, we underwent the feeling that almost every new pet parent goes through. The question of reaffirmation whether or not we would be able to do it kept hitting us even as we were half asleep.

The day already started looking like a long one to me. Longer than I had anticipated. The agenda of the day had Snoopy’s shower, as a top on the priority list. It had to be. His odor seemed to drive us nuts, specially Som. So the top priority of Som’s agenda was to bring in all possible room fresheners, deodorizers, incense sticks and a definitely a grooming kit for Snoopy.

With my experiences of dogs, back at my home, I have been aware that it is not usual for any dog to jump in willingly for a shower. Snoopy was no different. I lured him with snacks to minimize my efforts in order to pull him into the bathroom, but this chap was smart like no exception. At one point even the bribe dint work and he had to be literally lifted inside for the much needed medicated shower. I somehow managed to give him good scrub to start making him look like a home dog again and the moment it was done, he was frantic to run away from me. I wonder, I must be seeming like another tyrant in disguise to him and he must be feeling trapped in a new mesh of people. It was seconds when he manged to escape from my hands and rolled himself on the couch and the mattress in my living area to dry himself up. I hardly got a chance to wipe him to my satisfaction and he was back under the couch. For him that was now his safest place. He was again no different from the rest and I wondered what made him subject to so much abuse.

However at the end of the spa event,I must say, that the manufacturers of these medicated shampoos for dogs should really start working on their aromas too, as for the next few hours, that went post his shower were not so good either. Som was hilariously desperate to breathe some fresh air and struggled to find a room that did not have any smell. Well, I can’t blame him completely either as he is now totally in a different ball game since yesterday.

As the day rolled by the post lunch hours, I needed myself to go for some quick grocery keeping in mind that now I have a new kid to be left alone for the time being. Considering his requirements, I thought it would be a great idea to let him have a stroll and give him a chance to do his needful. So, I confidently got his leash on and more than ever happy Snoopy, agrees to come down with me for his stroll, a stroll that I am likely never to forget.

I live in a locality that is accompanied by a small cattle that resides in close proximity. So a flock of roosters and hens, goats and their family and a herd of  buffaloes crossing now and then, has been a very regular and normal sight to me from the time we have moved in here. But the moment Snoopy had set himself outside the building, his sight was something that these cattle inmates hadn’t seen, may in their lifetime. They were used to seeing dogs around, but this one was malnourished than usual, his face not like the usual ones since he is a crossbreed of Labradors and Poodles called Labradoodle, and Poodles are rarely seen by the basic Indian cattle, his fur coat was kind of distorted and most weirdly he dint have a tail. ” Are you kidding, no tail to wag? Is he really a dog. I mean we all have tails, even we as chickens and hens have, a small one though, but yes we do still have one.” And they all stood in a line staring, yes literally staring at him. This is something I witnessed for the first time in my life of animal love.

As we walked further, ignoring the curious crowd of the hens, we happened to cross a handful tribe of goats and they all stood with an amused look starring at this little guy. “Who is this new specie? Is he one of his or one of what else? We have never seen such a four legged fellow?” And these 4 goats stood in line as Snoopy walked passed their red carpet of curiosity, among all of them. He unknowingly did not miss a pinch of attention of any kind on his first day of stroll in broad daylight and in no time seemed to have become a popular “eye candy” to their social community.

Snoopy day2 (2)
This is Snoopy post his shower and grooming session. He seems to look better, cleaner and definitely adorable. 🙂

Past amidst all the silent speculation, Snoopy was back home and I was ready to leave for the quick grocery and Snoopy’s grooming kit shopping chores and the moment I stepped out and locked him to leave, I was stopped. Snoopy was too scared to be left alone. He started screaming that sounded like cries of a left out child. I made 3 attempts to convince him and none made a breakthrough. I cancelled my cab and decided to stay back home with him and the moment I was in, he was under the sofa in his secure home and since then am home with Snoopy.

The evening followed with Som eventually doing the post office grocery and dog grooming kit shopping. Snoopy was very happy to see his new  yellow comb and surprisingly stood firm for the remaining part of his spa therapy. Seemed this guy had a missed a grooming for months and enjoyed every bit of the brush and the talc that I gently dusted on him with efforts to make him look like a handsome boy..again. 🙂

To be continued…

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