Snoopy’s Diary- Day 3

16th September,2015

The day started pretty peacefully. The alarm did not intrude the early morning sleep and neither did I hear Snoopy getting desperate for his nature’s call. I told myself in the state of a sleepy head that I had the chances of getting the day pass better and more scheduled.

The best part of having a pet, specially a dog, is what one gets from them first thing in the morning. Tons of love, a cuddly hug and the amazing feeling of being loved beyond terms and conditions.

As Snoopy was by himself today and at peace I had the relaxed opportunity to finish my kitchen chores pretty fast and take him for his morning dose of local adventure. It also seemed to me that he did occasionally kept looking for his previous family as I noticed him waiting at the door anticipating someone’s arrival, getting hopeless and then walking in. How strange, crude yet true! Those who have happened to cause him such trauma are still an awaited family to him. Besides, in these 2 days I have also surely come to another conclusion of this guy loving to go for long walks,explore his new surroundings, gaze and chase the hens and simply loving to feel the sunlight and the natural breeze. It is only when you spend some hours of your life with sentient beings do you know that life for all of us are so much similar, instead we all proclaim it otherwise.

Snoopy had already started healing gradually. His skin was getting better with regular application of medicated ointments and prescribed oral medicines. We made efforts to give him a healthy and nutritious meal that would help him recuperate the deficiency and bounce back to normalcy. And we all couldn’t be more hopeful and happier to see him recover mentally and physically.

Although my gym schedules were now on a toss, Snoopy did not mind keeping me on the go with his unspoken daily requirements and saw to it that my cardio needs were well met walking with him three times a day. I was waking up on time every morning and precisely without an alarm. My work was done on time and sooner than I realized, I had now some organised time for myself. For Som, Snoopy turned out like a stress buster once he returned home after a long day as the new chap had managed to strike the male bond cord with him pretty fast. It was lovely to see them play and the affection did not need any verbal expression. I had company in the house and I was no longer alone once Som was at work. Besides my own freelancing,blogging and other activities that kept me busy, I was somewhere content that I wasn’t alone and the day would pass by sooner than I could even feel.

I wondered, who was under foster care in this case? Maybe I needed him more than him needing me when destiny chose to let us stay together under different circumstances.

Snooy day 3a (3)
Happy Snoopy posing in the new red collar.

Day 3, was also marked by having a special visitor as Manushri came to visit him for the first time. Snoopy has also been instrumental in the friendship that now Manushri and I were sharing.Before Snoopy coming into the picture, we might have spoken only a couple of times at the shelter and now we are almost on “Snoopy Chat” mode through out the day. 🙂 Manushri got her Snoopy some useful food bowls as the ones I had were making him manage real hard. Her goody bag also brought in a Pedigree sack that Snoopy is every ready to snack on and a smart red collar that helped him relieve from the burden of the fat metal leash. It goes without mentioning how happy Snoopy was to have a visitor specially for him. They bonded in no time and it was a happy evening for all of us.

Snoopy day3b (2)
An affectionate moment between Snoopy & Som. Snoopy loves it when Som pats him to sleep. 🙂

snoopy day3 (2)

Snoopy was gradually getting to know a home again. 🙂

To be continued… 

P.S: Yes, forgot the pics with Manushri in the excitement of catching up but they will be part of the story soon too. 🙂

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