Snoopy’s Dairy- Day 4

17th September, 2015day4 (2)

Day 4 of Snoopy started with a bark in the morning. It was like a Wow! It was the first time we heard Snoopy bark and it was a happy sign of the progress that began with gradually overcoming his fears and having taken a step towards his mental healing. He was able to take his strolls longer than before and frequently craved for it. Seeing his wounds heal and skin regenerate, it was the first day when we unleashed Snoopy and he was allowed to take a stroll in the house and eventually loved to choose his rest spot near the kitchen. It was adorable. He trotted with curiosity inside our apartment as if figuring out his new home they way he would love to.

With my pantry stacked with sacks of pedigree, dog grooming kits and medicines, my house had started looking completely like that of pet parents. The feeling was awesome to me since I always grew up having pets but once I moved out of my house for my college, work and then marriage, the feeling of having loved and being loved by a pet has remained on a deficiency quotient.

Thanks you Snoppy, for fostering me with your love. 🙂

“A dog has one aim in life… to bestow his heart.”
J.R. Ackerley

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