The Curious Snoopy

18th & 19th September, 2015 – Day 5&6

My Snoopy has become an adorable kid and I sense him regaining strength with each passing day. Every morning I wake up to see a cute little face waiting eagerly on our sofa which is now his bedtime zone. The very minute I enter the living area with my bottle of water, my day is energized with Snoopy and all his tantrums followed by the exchange of affection and puppy love eyes that greets me with a lovely morning.

I now don’t need alarms to wake me up. The sense of having this little one home and his meal and stroll timings are now enough to push me out of the bed with no regret although there are days when I wish the Sun could sleep a bit longer.

WP_20150918_15_20_04_Pro (2)
As Snoopy bounces back to strength and health and loves his strolls. I so wish he had his tail though.

Snoopy’s loves to chase the hens around. I have no understanding whatsoever, about his innate love for chasing hens around. Oh! yes, and flies too. He has proven good skills of having them grounded in no time. My strolls with Snoopy does get tiring at times, thanks to the Sun, that shines so harsh these days. But on the other hand, I also love watching Snoopy and his amusements as he simply enjoys the breeze blowing in his face. Well, he is no different than anyone of us. He has started loving his food unlike the initial days and there has been a good shift in his appetite indicating he is on his way to good health again.

WP_20150918_14_56_20_Pro (2)
As Snoopy fetches for the hens that seem to relax their noon, beneath the truck. 🙂

Each passing day, Snoopy is active, playful and more curious to find out about things in our apartment aiding him to settle down and each of his activity is like an “Aww” to me. I am extremely glad that he has been loving it here and feels safe to call it his home even if temporary. I wonder often, of the trauma he might have gone through to reach to this day but whatever it might be, I am sure it’s going to be a “never looking back” for him from now onward.

WP_20150918_15_20_54_Pro (2)
Snoopy and his chlorophyll love.

To be continued…

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