Snoopy finds a Home!

20th September,2015

Yes, it indeed is a great news. Snoopy did find a home forever. Meenakshi, who had rescued him has opted to adopt him and he would now be her son’s very own pet dog. Som and I have been very glad to know that she has made this decision to give a Snoopy a loving home forever.

Strange is his fate! There was a day when this pet was abused and abandoned and he had to undergo such unspoken trauma. His grace was longer on his side and he was left on the incompatible and discordant streets in the mercy of no one at all. And today, he has three loving families who adore him beyond words.

On one hand I am indeed very glad for the little guy having finally found a home for himself, for I was just a foster mom and eventually could not have kept him with me forever due to my own constraints. I had strictly told myself not to be over attached to him so as to keep the parting pain minimum for both of us. But what a fool was I! Did I forget that when we choose to love someone selflessly or rather get the selfless love in return (which today is not a normal phenomenon from our human friends), it is nothing but futile to accept not being attached to them. Each time I see his marble eyes filled with innocence my heart melts and I am compelled to love him a bit more, each time. Over a period of a week, I have simply cherished watching his activities and silent small attempts of how he has been trying to accept this place as his home and us as his parents.Every thing he did just made me want to keep him longer but the fact that the attachment would be too much to handle for both us and he, making a move at the right time seemed to be the best call.

WP_20150921_17_38_39_Pro (2)Every evening, I love to watch the way he greets Som and am sure that even Som looks forward to it as well. They have their own interactive session of quick plays and Snoopy does his best to let Som know how badly he was missed in all those hours, while he was at work. For all those pet lovers and pet parents, in universal agreement, this is indeed the best therapy one deserves after a long day and is simply happy to be back home.

Snoopy hangs around us most of the time these days and often finds a cozy corner in our room for himself. 🙂

Its been just a couple of days when Snoopy entered sad and helpless and today this chap turns out to be such a beautiful part of the life that Som and I share.

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”
Milan Kundera

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