The Ceaseless ‘Wheel’

There has been so much going on lately. Over the last few months, things have been changing, for good or for bad, so rapidly. And with all this constant change ushers constant chaos and confusion as we claim to be part of a civilized yet a very complicated society.

Even as I commute on the bustling streets of Hyderabad, amidst the crazy and somewhat mindless traffic I also tend to witness the rapidly growing sky risers and all that is eternally left behind.

With an array of eateries and fine dining restaurants, are even more glorious gyms with huge bay style windows that exhibit all the needed equipment, promising one, that their output would be well justified to the chunk of membership that goes into them with so much faith, at the beginning of every month. The other half of the city is in a way preoccupied with start ups and multinational software companies, leaving the Non-IT  skilled community, of which I am too a member, on endless job hunts and dis-satisfactory turned downs.

So now that I am kind of  “privileged”  with more time at hand, I amaze myself to  interpret the vicious circle or rather cycle on which we practically run like how we have witnessed the less intellectually fed white mouse, running aimlessly yet exhaustively on its classic wheel. We seem to always be on the rush, irrespective of being beyond, on or after schedule. We sit all day freezing our rear ends and draining our grey cells to earn a considerably fat or undernourished paycheck, still yearning for more and yet, here is just the beginning.

Identical to the little mouse on the  wheel, are the very commonly “us”, who rides on the treadmill in that glorious gym, facing the huge glass window to the hustling and hasty street, feeling accomplished of a fitness regime onlooking those who aren’t. On the other hand, to keep bay from the monotony of  the hectic routines and the motivation to attend the famed gyms,all that we escape to, whether with family, friends or in solidarity, are the eateries whose menu is  generally heavier with figures on the right  as compared to its worthy entree glorified at the other end.

In the end all that we tend to bottom down to is the run, on our ceaseless wheel, with a prime catalyst that evolves around the life dedicated to the aspiration of a moderately fat pay check dedicated to kill the underlying monotony with comforting gourmets powerfully backed up by the contentedness that the annual membership account would take care of the rest until yet another weekend would arrive.

I wonder if we could pause and un-mute ourselves for a while and see how the huge glass doors have disguised us, that the simplest and everlasting joys underlay in the small things we do and the bigger impacts we leave because its ultimately its not about the quantity but the quality that counts end of the day.

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