On my way to ‘Cloud 9’

The past few months have been setting new pages for me. There have been changes in my job, in my work and personal life both of which have taken quite a lot of me and on the other hand also bestowed me with more that I could have expected.

A year ago while I was full fledged working in an organization, I used to wonder and ask myself the most famous question, ” Where do I see myself in the next coming years?” All I heard from within was nothing and an absolutely blank vision. And truly, that  would end up giving me panic attacks.” I mean, I am 29 years old, a design graduate, working at a respectable position and doing good for myself apparently, and I literally have no clue as to how I see myself in the coming years, leaving aside the probability of the next 5 years.”

With a feeling to sink in and not allowing it to surface, time rolled by in its own course. I somehow consoled myself that may be its not the right time to assess my future too soon. Maybe, I should not be judging myself by the ‘happy and successful’ stories that are posted by my peers and friends on Facebook or maybe I should just be a little aloof for the time being and let life uncover itself to me. After all, in a world so huge and also so small, I will have a place for myself eventually.

With all the rollers and the rocks to bump and pass over the entire year and with some efforts to keep me afloat, close to the shore, I guess or say rather sure, that I did find that most amazing and satisfying feeling in the world that could connect me with myself.

The long awaited decision to volunteer in an animal shelter and continuing the inherited passion of baking, from my mom, are certainly one those best happenings to me in this entire year, that help me unwind and yet stay soulfully sane.

The feeling when I cuddle a puppy or a dog  yearning for attention, the essence of being connected to species that are of your own kind and yet so different and amazing in their own ways, is sincerely one of those incredible feelings to experience. Not only does this connection appease me but also help me drift to a much calmer world that I thoroughly enjoy and at times, is also sadly inexplicable to those who are unacquainted to this feeling that I happen to realize as “connection”.

Adding some diversity to the above passion is my ardor to bake. The oven looks like a tempting wish machine to me, wherein I put in some assembled and assorted ingredients mixed with a magic spoon, patiently wait for an average of 30 minutes and there it is, a delightful aroma, a savory desert to satisfy my sweet tooth and a pacifier that in spite of all the road bumps, the journey isn’t that bad after all.

So after all these years, if I know what brings me true happiness, is hugging a dog and successfully baking a rich and palatable cake and what better can it get to be if I nail a vegan one because I surely know what cloud 9 surely feels like.

Yeah I know, that it not might sound so promising to many who have known me, for the things that are mandate to be “certain ways” and not the other way round as we generally tend to profess things and activities that are linked to monetary gains and mine are no way near to them in particular. But when we engage ourselves into things that connect us to ourselves and know for sure what this feeling is like; ‘who cares?’  I am glad I found myself simple joys that would live with me till my forever and yet I would be left with more. After all, life is eventually about the things that money fail to buy.

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