“See it not as a situation but as an opportunity” – Unknown

Each day we wake up to a plan and also, with a plan. As we route our way to start the day, holding that cup of hot tea, a newspaper grabbed under our arm, we think. We think even before our clock starts.

We open the shades of the window to check the sun and the clouds, open the doors to feel the breeze and begin to assess. We begin another day with assessment, thoughts and thought through plans. Plans for the day, plans to cope up, to fight and to glorify ourselves. It is like we prepare ourselves for a war that is just about to begin.

We pacify ourselves and limit our beings by tagging us with what we easily call as, ‘a situation’. Subconsciously we become slaves to our very own parented limitations that we name as situations and the poor situation has to bear the brunt of it all. They become the clean and ironed clothes that we are mandate to put on after the first shower of the day and wash off with the last one. Our behaviors, actions  and ambitions of avenge and revenge are all shielded by this merely mighty word ‘situation.’

But what if we put our first step on the floor each morning and just replace the situation with an opportunity.  Well yes, they certainly do not rhyme but it does makes me feel lighter.Each day is and can be an opportunity to stride and get better than yesterday, an opportunity to excel, to express, to love and to care. Every sunrise can be the opportunity to become a better being and how immensely would that cup of warm tea and the newspaper grabbed under the arm, could charge us up and prepare us for the following substantial day, with the sunset that comforts and boosts the hope for a new opportunity that is about to set in.

The change in a simple word can prep-up us, so much more that we may no longer feel the need to fight battles with ourselves. It is not merely changing a word that we are so often used to hearing day in and day out. It eventually becomes what we see as our perception; the dart board where we can aim arrows of our blames, mistakes and struggles.

And on the brighter side of this contradiction, is this new window of opportunity that we begin to open. One that allows a fresh breeze to camouflage and undermine our worries and add as a bonus to that annoying alarm that wakes us up each day.

I venture to choose opportunity…what do you choose?

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