It is Okay to be Afraid!

As kids, among other things, the one thing that we are constantly taught, is to be brave ; to not to fear. But as time spins its wheel and we begin to step out of the zone of childhood, life happens. Life happens to us in most of the amazing and unexpected ways. We learn, we fail, we experience elatedness, sorrow and even misery and for each of the rest that we tag as a negative emotion, we are taught and told to deal with them with an attitude that is brave and hero-like.

Fear is like a taboo. We often fear to express fear, to save ourselves from being an outcaste. Typically young boys are strictly taught as fear not being a part of their emotional system. Fear is meant for the weak or say for the girls. For many of us, ‘fear’ gets the privilege to be treated like a synonym for gender from Venus, and for them to beat the occurrence of this emotion becomes like an accolade.

I wonder why and how much we shun this word? Is being afraid really bad? Well, it is a naturally occurring emotion that nature has given us and to all beings that consciously breathe and survive on this planet. Is being afraid, being weak? So then, that would mean reinstating that boys or men cannot be afraid, cannot fear and hence cannot be weak and surely that isn’t enough of a definition.The civilized mankind has thus conveniently distinguished emotions for the two genders, but in this course have left one or both feeling less of a being.

Why can’t we admit, not being able to restrict ourselves from feeling afraid and then what is it, about admitting it, without being shy. Yes, it is absolutely okay to be afraid and to fear. We all are afraid of setbacks, of loosing a friend or a loved one, afraid of seeing ourselves or our people in pain. Being afraid is like the other side of the coin that teaches us to live and love. The coin that always stays with it back sticking against each other and all we are trying here is to coach ourselves repeatedly to live with just one side, the one that comforts us. ‘Being afraid’ should be like a reverse gear mechanism. We go back, think through, recall our failures and accomplishments, scrape up the spirit and move ahead for what is right and to stand up for what is right, to stand by someone who must be desperately needing a hand, to make a voice or be the voice, to be better of ourselves and to taste greatness.

There is much more to the mastery, than just being afraid as after all, it really isn’t that bad.

Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing, is the very thing that will set you free.


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