“Don’t Judge Me By The Way I Look”

It is pretty often these days that my husband and I watch the television while having dinner. It is not that we encourage the idea because otherwise we keep sitting on the couch with finished-over dinner plates and a sink full of utensils that are waiting to be washed while the clock adamantly keeps ticking itself to bedtime. It’s just that we have moved in recently and the house is being set and some furniture, specially the dinner table is yet to move in to our apartment. Well, thanks to us that we bought our selves the TV and Netflix to keep us entertained in odd hours.

Browsing through series and other probable interesting programs we bumped on a documentary on pit bulls and the pit bull fights. Like many of us, I am aware of  the fierce side of pit bulls too but hardly did I have any idea in spite being a dog lover , that they are banned across many places. Pit bulls had been severely manipulated into dog fights and other fierce violent activities making them such a horror to humans that they were needed to put to sleep unless some good souls come to their rescue.

pitbullThis is a short documentary film that evolves around the myth we have and know about pit bulls being non human friendly dogs and how the media has hyped over the years and successfully led to the making of political laws across states and countries that have made their lives even more depressing.

Well for what keeps happening around us all the time is pretty much like this. It is not only about a grieved dog or a grieved and scared breed. It is how much capable we humans are to make the most outrageous wrong move for the ones who can’t speak. Dogs are just one of the other many victims.

As kids we are all shown colourful books and nursery rhymes with happy cows,pigs and hens and our mentors make us look at their innocent side, happy faces and write stories about our first pet and about the farm animals. But what happens to the same us when we grow up? What kind of demon takes place of that heart? We become so crude that we can run a thing on our earth like the holocaust? Seriously? Either it is a very scary dream or a very horrific life that we make for ourselves and for all the others still remaining on this planet.

We manipulate, torture, abuse, use and misuse just another specie because we are called humans, not because we ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HUMANS. They have the same emotions, mechanism, hunger for food and love, need to procreate like us and very much us. In spite of having the upper hand of being one of this highest quality of evolution, we cannot comprehend the others in queue since we don’t have a verbal language in common. That’s it, and we become so inferiorly superior.

Everyday in some corner of this beautiful planet, thousands and millions of speechless us, are being abused, tortured, manipulated and killed and how well we define the purpose of this qualitative evolution by where we stand here today. We do it for money, for pleasure, for fancy foods, for sadism and for our bruised ego and go to sleep thinking, “What can we do, the world is full of such pain and such people?”

So is that it? Really? How about we “humans” being created superior to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves alone? How about knowing and feeling that if the life we live in today were made of just mankind and we would not have any beauty to awe at, no chirp to wake us up in the mornings, no selfless friend to standby and look into your eyes, touch your heart and lick your face to assure you that it would always stick by you when your very own people abandon you? I am sure none of the sane people would even like the life that would be as cold as the morgue and still we can excel being the destroyer instead of being looked up like a saviour.

I know I might have gone far expressing my anger. But really is it worth the Tomorrow that we are hoping to build? Are we so blind that we cannot connect to another being looking into their eyes and respecting them for the identity? Are we by any chance leading ourselves to be a better person, a better-off specie or is it the Happy World is just meant for the colourful pages of the books that ultimately live in the dark closets or may be its still not late to open that dark closet, bring out that very book to make believe that a world like that could still be out there, waiting for awakened people to take that very one step ahead.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi

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