” Who can I speak for, but myself?”

Like many of my friends here in the world of words and expression, it is our second day to this new and exciting session of learning and transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly – one fine day.

So here it is. I have changed the tag line to ” Who can I speak for, but myself?”. I chose this because to a great extent this is why I am here and we all are here. To be heard, to be read and to meet a whole world of new like minded people and so my blog is named as Mindeology. (I did a lot of brainstorming here 🙂 )

They are so many times in a day or days in a week and then in months that I become the optimal counsellor of times. I mean, that isn’t all that bad when your folks and friends are benefitted but end of the day its all about being speaking for oneself and not the other. I do want my voice in black and white to me, to be my the amplifier of my thoughts and perceptions and to stay rooted to my truer self.

I am cheerful, mostly funny, have random access to good, weird and bad thoughts. I can switch moods like the sky with differing speeds. I am like a bottle of mixed spices and each day I experience a sprinkle of one or more spices greater than the other and then for who gets the taste (like currently my patient husband 😉 ), the rest is history.

Happy Blogging everyone!. I am so excited to meet a whole new family out here. 🙂

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