Obsession in a Cup

Yes, I love ‘The Tea’. I am certain among the many things with which and without which I have grown up all these years, tea has bought my loyalty. With the wisdom that touches you when you are thirty, I am sure that I will never give up on tea,come what may.

All tea and coffee lovers seem to belong to like one community, one nation. We all feel alike, the drive, the passion and the innate love for that one cup of steaming beverage and lots to talk about it and over it. It is like the celebration of survival. What a pleasant universal truth!

To speak for myself, I make a lot of to-do plans before I finally shut my system down every night. It’s like a motivational thing I do to help me pull myself out of the bed once the alarm starts ringing deep even in my dreams. But the problem is, once I have fallen asleep, I forget pretty much about all the motivational agendas and all that motivates me is to make myself a cup of nice hot steamy cup of tea. Holding a cup of perfectly brewed tea, makes me happy and modestly proud and those fifteen minutes of my day, is completely mine and precious and ideally should not involve any sort of multitasking.

Yeah, I am kind of or pretty much obsessed. Obsessed about the first thing in the morning and the first thing after I have completed some hours post lunch. Making tea is like doing art; gathering all the composure, keeping all the necessary tools handy and then pay full attention to what is about to happen. The aroma, the color and the taste. It got to be perfect, and at times its pleasure with pressure. I do like coffee too but somehow I feel that it doesn’t do that much magic to me as tea does (no offence). I wish tea had half the publicity as coffee and there would be so many dedicated tea hangout chains around the world. For one of the many other reasons, I love this thing about India. You can find a cup of tea so frequently anywhere around you and  mostly the authentic ones, that you can probably get lost. Served in tiny earthen pots like shot glasses yet people relish them with double the time that takes to gulp down tequila.  In India, a lot happens over a cup of tea in a modest tea stall round about any street corner. From gossips to hangouts to office breaks and even budding romantic talks,almost everything. The guy that runs the tea stall pretty much knows everything about every regular client of his and his life becomes like watching a live daily soap opera.

Apart from the tea aisle at the grocery store,that amuses me with a world of variety and scarcity of enough expertise on them, a become like a kid in the candy store. And when I browse though the crockery section and see a host of colors and patterns scattered wonderfully over the tea mugs and cups, I wonder and fantasize to own atleast one of each kind that would fit a particular mood. Any piece of the kitchen that is accompanied with some sort of art and vibrant color and can be a fascinating utility to the festival of sipping tea.

Tea lovers like me also fairly co-relate to being tepidophobic. Yes, this term is a new discovery to me, ‘Tepidophobia’ and what an apt one. It means fear of a badly made cup of tea and its so excitingly true. For me I consider the some selected few people whom I know surely brew the most ‘my’ amazing kind of tea and I honestly treasure them for the love and the like mindedness.

There are so many reasons that make a cup of tea happening. Being happy to be awake, happy of completing half the day, ease stress at work and otherwise, to gossip with family and friends, to celebrate, to moan, to brood and while it rains, a cup of tea and a good book or a favorite song is the best rated pacifier, ever.

Are you obsessed with your cup too? 🙂 If so, let us call it a party.

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