The Spoon with Fingers

As a growing child, when I was being familiarized with table and culinary etiquette that would make me a dignified lady at the table, I was introduced to some tools, the application of which would help me conduct poise and refinement. I was often told,” there can be a lot told about you with your ‘meal’ mannerisms .” As a part of our culture, we take pride in eating, using our hands and in most cases we do find the food more relishing and satiating but coming to the tools, the spoon-fork-knife were the essential components to equip good eating that could not be ignored.

I have to admit I am a foodie and it shows on me. Exercise and diet regimes and food love go hand in hand in my life and I pay equal attention to both being integral for my survival. Now as a beginner in table etiquette, I never really understood the reason for the split spoon lying with so much pride  beside my plate. The spoon was any day a more pleasant equipment to deal with as it picked up the food for me with less effort which the splitted spoon known as the fork never did. It was so disappointing to see all my food drop back on the plate from in- between its fingers and I had been mostly confused and repeatedly reminded about holding them in the right hands for the right purpose. All I knew then, that when it was time for a Chinese meal, the fork was the most handy cutlery to come to rescue for a hungry me.

My mother back then, used to joke and tell me, “You can’t have everything easy and your way. You have to know what to do, when and how to do it. Life will eventually teach you.”

Like most other things, I hardly found any correlation to what she said and what it had to do with my cutlery confusion. But as years went by, I kept adapting and preparing myself to be the graceful lady at the supper table, I learned more and more ways of using the spoon with fingers, the fork. I saw others around me,learned, tried the wrong and the right ways, switched the spoon and the fork several times to understand their mechanism in sync and gradually knew when to quit the spoon, move out of the comfort and grab the fork to make a new convenience and all of a sudden, like a click in a dream, her words brought in more meaning to me than ever.





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