The Other Side of the Bridge

Warmth and comfort are the one of the first and the finest luxuries that we are born with. From the protected womb to the rewarding arms of the mother is what graces us when we step into the different world, the world that is now vast than ever before. We live by and prepare ourselves to the strategy of “The Survival of the Fittest” and it is not unknown to anyone of us.

There are times when we move in clusters, in families and in accompaniments. We look for growth, for opportunities and for that set of the extra wings to fly. Each day we begin to take a new step. A step that would be different and more glorified than the one taken yesterday. For certain, that very step or the each of those different steps that we initiate may not be a merry one, may not please all with and around us but who has ever conquered his own spirit without stepping out of the inherited comfort zone?

Stepping distinctly makes us not one in the crowd but one that takes courage to be a ‘stand out’ in the crowd. It seldom occurs that we are alone and hence different but what if we are different and thus alone? It does take enough courage to face the solitude, the constant denial and conflict that dances within our own selves, to be isolated by your very own ‘people’  because you have taken a step that is divert and offbeat. So then, all that you are left with is either being the one, that the rest desires you to become or the one you desire yourself to become.

Standing on one side of the bridge is a moment of truth. The choice is either to be conquered or be triumphed over your own-self. The swaying feet on the shaky planks and the trembling hands on the wobbly rails  make us cold in the feet. The very thought of the unknown other end, minus the very support we have been fed with all this while is a random and impromptu occurrence that advises us to make the most stunning change in us and for us. The walk with no ground underneath or no wall to lean is for certain the most unsteady and seemingly unending path that we dare to take but with each shaking and self-boosting move we make, we take ourselves closer to the other end of the deceptive bridge.It would be false to acclaim this stride would be a blissful adventure but what we acquire along the trails is an experience to treasure for a lifetime. It is harsh but weathering  has created one of the finest wonders in its course. A wonder, that is within the crowd and yet ‘stands out’ in the crowd.

The ‘other side of the bridge’ is a world that isn’t explored and is unseen but once it is crossed we know that the faded line we used to watch by the sunset is the endless and the expansive world of the horizon.

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