Music in The Air

I have to admit that pulling myself out of the bed is one of the hardest and accomplishing things I do each morning. For sure, I do not know why this is the case with me. I really cannot express how much I admire, wonder and modestly envy people who belong to the 5 am club and am still a poor candidate to join in.

However, I have tried a new trick. My friend told me once how insane I am to try it, being totally irresponsible to wreck my nerves. But after all, I had to do something! So after I have snoozed the alarm quite several times and randomly tried feeling myself getting back on the planet, I have so bogusly resorted to start staring (yes staring, since I do not process anything at that moment) at the phone. I have so willingly put myself in the gadget market that I need it to get me out of the bed with squinting eyes and I am not even the slightest proud about it. But I have a notion. A notion that some post on the social cluster, a WhatsApp message or an exciting email (which hardly happens) will be kicking me out of the bed. And then as my body clock finally clicks and my receptors get activated for the day, I hear a couple of enthusiastic chirps and come in agreement that another day has just started.

As I gather myself with partially dreamy eyes and put the water to boil, I quickly escape to the balcony for my kind of a quick weather check. I must say that I have all the reasons to envy the 5 am club because when the day starts it is certainly the most rewarding part of it.

We moved to Plano- Texas, pretty recently and what I like most about our apartment along with the other things, is the greenery that surrounds us. I am a nature loving person by default and every minuscule aspect of it, makes me a happy admirer. I love to watch the bunnies play around the shrubs and the way they chew the grass expeditiously, not to forget about the tiny white ball at their rear end. Its absolutely too cute to be called a ‘tail’. Don’t you agree?

The squirrels, accompanying the land, with the bunnies are comparatively bigger and fluffier than the ones I have seen in India. To capture a moment when I get to see them cracking fruit nuts with their tiny little hands while they rest on their bushy tail reminds me of the colourful childhood stories of ‘Chip and Dale’.

Had it been a chance for once, that they would know how much I admire them with a faultless heart and how much I would wish for an opportunity to harmlessly sit beside them for a hearty conversation!

I also get to see birds here that are different from those that I have seen in my country. Obviously I love the variety of nature. All though I do get to see the familiar pigeons, but there are two birds in particular that engrosses me so much, that I can pleasantly watch them sitting in the balcony while I sip my morning tea. Honestly, I  am somewhat new to have identified their names as say, incapable to feed google with the ‘right kind’ of words to help me out. But whatever it may be, these two along with so many others across the abundance of the skies and the remaining green forests, are amazing vocalists. One of them is a black bird with a long tail and it surprises me with it’s astounding chirp of a variety of songs at a single stretch while pecking on the green walking trails facing our apartment. It leaves me wondering and pondering, about their version of thoughts. On the other end, there is this tiny blue and grey bird, exactly like the one in the tales of ‘Snow White’, who continually tweets a sharp yet sweet note on the roof my adjacent apartment and after an interval of a minute, flies a feet above , spins, lands down and begins to sing again. Depending on my mental state, her this particular activity resembles like a happy-to-go lucky soul and at times like an annoyed wife who is so irked, that even complaining out loud by herself in careless solitude gives her enough comfort or even like a casual show-off time to get noticed.

The most amazing thing above all is the fact that they all are so wonderful and unique in their own ways and what makes them even more fascinating is that they are unaware of their humble grace themselves.

And in the midst of all this, as I am about take the last few sips of my tea, and realise that it is finally time to start the day, I amuse this intoxicating music in the air. From the time the sun showers its first set of timid rays until the last shades of orange that paint the sky, there is this unnoticed and undeniable euphony in the air and such noticed and unnoticed subtle innocent activities simply and effortlessly happening around us, that had days been without them , life would have been nothing more than one set on a dull mute button.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading this post. It is very close to my heart because it is indeed heartfelt to the core. 😊 And I really felt good when you said I should get more likes..☺️☺️

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