A Reflection Of the Pure

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul”. I came across this phrase long time ago, say when I was in the habit of writing diaries and filling pages with quotes, that would strike even the mildest cord in my mind and since then, this philosophy did become a fascinating subject.

Its a saying or a belief that, a glistening pair of eyes is the window to the soul that is still innocent, connected with the higher being and is flawless and pure. No wonder why babies and animals have ever since attracted me. Reason- both of them are innocent, unaware of the crap that we pull on ourselves in everyday lives and mostly because they live without perceptions. Have you ever looked into their eyes and managed to refrain yourself from their sparkling purity? Yes, purity sparkles.

It is indeed in their eyes that I find purity and undeniable radiance. A language so unheard but so deeply felt that it manages to electrify and reflect my soul. It is this rare opportunity that we get to see the world from their eyes, from their vision,one that is so joyous, pleasant and delightful.But what happens when the same baby grows to an adult like us? Those very same eyes happen to loose their radiance and adapt the shine that flaunts the smiles and curtains the pain, struggle and the lessons we collect as we have walked in the garden paths mixed with dried twigs and blooms.

But somehow nature and evolution has managed to strike this balance. Where, with us the purity of innocence tends to fade with time, the one that I see in the eyes of an animal or a similar sentient being, still prevails. They still manage to have those eyes that can carry so much just more than a sight. Its true that they do not speak our language but if we care to hear by what we see through those marble like eyes, we wouldn’t need one. It’s that purity I guess, that instills us, connects us to our very own selves and gives us a chance to find that child that has somehow and somewhere got lost in the trade of struggles and successes. So lost, that at times we fail to become the voice for the voiceless, to stand by the most basic and intrinsic values with which we grow to be ‘sensible adults’ and just move with the crowd senselessly like zombies. I admit to see purity of life when I look into the similar eyes of a baby and an animal. Purity because unlike ours, they are  void of deception and perceptions and filled with the strength of existence. No wonder how mature we adults are, we happen to cherish the little priceless joys while holding a smiling baby in our arms and to hear the opera of their babbles, when we come home and our dog licks us and jumps over us like they haven’t seen us in years and when we have been kind to respect their life and freedom, their one kind look at you, seem to type a million words that express oodles of love.

And so, here I wish to ask you if you have ever felt the same kind of purity of our own existence while you looked into the eyes of a baby and other sentient being? I hope yes and I hope more because then that would mean, that tomorrow could still have a chance and the world could continue to be a better place to breathe in.

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