Yes, totally. That is exactly how I feel about most of us. Lost!

It amuses me to see how we have become or rather we might have always been in the scenario of being so clueless about our own selves? It is glum to realize how in spite of all the modern conveniences and technologies hovering around us, all we have landed up in, is being nothing more than being confused as ever and never before.

As a young kid, to remember of all the differences that I encountered, were with my sibling.
We all know, how it is having an elder brother or sister and in my case I have grown up with an elder brother and we botsiblingsfightingh crossed our thirties with a whole bunch of differences in opinions and fights over the most trivial things. And now, it’s like, I do not even need to mention the bonding that has grown over the years.

As the teen years set in, I did grew up witnessing things mostly predominant like gender prejudices . I have grown up in the traditionally rich and culturally diverse land of India however the reason behind this paradox has not yet seeped me with enough logic. Although most of us do look at it with a different angle, viewing the culture as orthodox or one of constraint fashion. But whatever it is, it has been that way for years and thankfully, it has now has been gifted with at least some needed moderation by the present days.


But hold on, that is not the end even by the slightest. I never did get a chance to solve the mystery of “Men are from Mars and Women from the Venus” agenda and my mature self bumps to other insanely traumatic footings of being annoyed and agonized by the clothes one chooses to wear, the food one prefers to eat, your professional choices,the God you want to love, the faith you want to adopt, your sexual orientation and everything about being “Just YOU” and all that remains is a surreal competition.20140114-225751

I bet, I couldn’t have asked for more complications with their certainly absurd implications.

We are living in a modern society that is so constantly engaged in being judgmental having a need for a revolution and upsurge for some of the most basic aspects of our living. A fight to choose and be safely open about our sexual orientation, a need for a revolution to enlighten a cruelty free behavior and a compassionate food choice, wars that exhibit enforcing higher powers over the others eventually leading to dead ends, tournaments over having a particular faith and being benched on the basis of the color of the skin one wears.

And did I forget? -“You’re 30 and still not married? Are you single and if so why? Are you not a parent yet? ” Sigh! Oh Lord! the list is so endless and unfortunately not so futile.

In the century of the geniuses, we are merely and majorly fighting combats and cold wars, just to prove ourselves and our opinions right, one over and after the other. 


Bottom line – we all have issues with pretty much everything and all that we are doing now is poking our noses in “no one’s business”. Seriously, how much excitedly boring does this has to get?

I wish, one fine morning we all get to wake up and look at our devices having to read nothing about wars, protests, killings, the extensive illustrations of the inhumane “us” and it all gets lost in place of the us, who have been lost instead.



pic source: the web


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