Behind Limitations

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As I logged into my computer this morning and opened the browser in search for new things that would interest me and divert my mind from my seemingly ‘high aspirations’ to find my way back through my career, I came across this picture and it startled me.

I cannot explain well enough what caught more of my attention- the bright colored window or the tarred creepers that interrupted the windows from opening. It makes me wonder how these delicate, now dried wreaths, might have looked when they were young, bright and were promising  to some of the most fantastic views out of these sunny wooden wings. I may too guess (in my imagination), that there ought to be some very mixed moments caught up in there, behind those closed and transformed mysterious shutters.

Well, if you ask me or say, if I may question my imagery, I do see a young kid jumping by the widow in curiosity of what might be on the other side, a young lad or a lady who stands by the sunrise preparing for a challenging tomorrow and by the moonlight nights, wish for the soulful love. An agile body that copes each day with a heart that has yet learnt so much over the years and yet is indecisive and baffled by the purpose of life and all that it longs for, is a sigh and a chance to ‘re-begin’ for things that might have got lost in the chase of mere accomplishments.

And now, it is closed. The bricks have  begun to worn out and the vines have transformed into nothing but weeds and a story inside might have either stayed accomplished or remained as simply half done.

I am certain, that we all might have been right there at some point or the other,composed with dreams, hopes, anxiety and in leisure. But is it possible that the once appearing circlet of cheerful fragrant blossoms have now transfigured into a trap of unavoidable weeds? Can our very own merry-land of comfort zones convert into our highest limitations and eventually lead to a shut down?

May be, ‘yes‘.

It isn’t easy to be a run of the mill and even harder it is to be one, that is even remotely different from what the mill has to offer. In short, no chase is an easy chase because the window always makes us want more of what we already have. But while we settle down just admiring the cherry blossoms of the hour, we effortlessly overlook the process of transformation, the need to contemplate and to reinvent the little sparks within, thirstily waiting to shine and leaving behind of what were once only Limitations.



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