Welcome Fall


That time of the year arrives again. Dried, crisp and rustic leaves begin to float in the air and like a surprise, the harshness of the summer sun begins to fade. The devoted mercury in the thermometers can now anticipate some sigh of relief from their routine rise and the transition is yet again a story of rejoice.

Huge and bright orange pumpkins flood the market and wait to be playfully carved.  Stores are pepped in symbolic fall shades of yellow, orange and brown and stunningly happy garden  and outdoor decors, themed clothing and spiced -sweet treats, marking the celebration of the long awaited shift in season.

No matter, how Fall typically begins with dried leaves, carelessly scattered all over, it brings with itself no dejection of its own. Even though drifted,nature here has its own hues and differently vibrant shades patenting the fact that every single change is significant with its own essential identity. It is undeniably on us, to see to it as an end or a point where a new beginning  eager awaits to step in.

And on this note, I love this quote from the archive of Rabrindranath Tagore put so simply ~ “Let Life be Beautiful like Summer Flowers and Death as Beautiful as Autumn Leaves. “

Happy First Day of Fall to all my blogger friends. ♥

Pic Courtesy: https://unsplash.com/search/fall?photo=O6N9RV2rzX8

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