Devi Kushmanda Smiles for the Universe

Day 4 of Navratri ~ “Kushmanda”

The 4th day of the Navratri (the worship of power for 9 holy nights), praises the “Kushmanda” form, of the Hindu Goddess Durga.

This name of “Kushmanda” is explained in scriptures and Vedic texts as- ‘Ku’ meaning a little, ‘ushma’ meaning warmth or energy and ‘anda’ referring to as the cosmic egg.


It is believed that, when the universe was non-existent and was all sheathed under darkness, the avatar of Goddess Durga as “Kushmanda”, produced the “Cosmic Egg”  with her benevolent smile. Interestingly, She was so powerful and radiant that she resided in the core of the Sun, to provide it with enough light and energy and likewise the ‘Universe’ was thus born. It is from this section of the Hindu Mythology, that states the Sun God, being governed by Her.

In all sorts of depiction, Goddess Kushmanda is portrayed as radiant, glowing and luminous as ever. Even here, like her previous form of the “Chandraghanta“, She holds a discus, a sword, a hook, mace, bow- arrow and two jars of honey and blood and rides on a tiger or a lion as her own personal brave vehicle.

The “Kushmanda” form of the Goddess is also addressed as “Ashtabhuja”– meaning one with eight hands and is symbolized as the source of direction, power, and universal creation.

As per Hinduism, it is also at this stage, where the Goddess reveals or splits herself into three significant forms – Goddess Lakshmi (symbolizing wealth), Goddess Saraswati (symbolizing knowledge & wisdom) and Goddess Kali (the slayer of evil).

Also, making complete sense and correlation to the Fall Festival, the bright orange Pumpkin has been referred to as being her favorite fruit. Ever since then, it is with sincere traditions, that a pumpkin has been being offered to please Her, during the course of the ritualistic worship. 🙂

Well, here it makes me say that there is a little bit of the Halloween and a bit of the Navratri, spread all across the globe, making us feel so much more connected. ♥

“Shubha (Happy) Navratri”

P.S: Adorable as it could be, this featured image is really a cute depiction of the “Kushmanda” form of the Goddess, by my friend/artist/illustrator~ Suchita

Other Pic Source: Web

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  1. Wow, nabo! This is really informative. Great stuff! Keep up the good work girls! Love to see both of you collaborating with each other. Brilliant!! 😃❤👏

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