Look In The Mirror and That’s Your Competition

Have you ever sensed the fear of looking back right into your own eyes?  I am pretty sure to have come across this strange feeling many times and that is why, when I chanced upon this quote, it had to be part of my “Mindeology”.

We often remain unhappy and at the same time, sense satisfaction in the moments we compare ourselves with those around us. While competition is good when healthy, it can be mentally devastating when otherwise and each one of us who have realized this at some time or other, can honestly vouch for it.

I am an ardent admirer of Robin Sharma’s work. I never feel tired reading all the little things that he writes because I truly believe that a huge part of my approach towards life has been built reading his work and also the “Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and I am so glad that I did. It was in one of  Robin Sharma’s work where I clearly remember reading about the menace of the ‘rat race’.

Even back then, when I was not a part of it, it made so much sense. I guess, most of us all go through a phase of the rat race, one that runs in an absurd direction and has no finish line. It is not only difficult but eventually futile, as the race never ends until it’s the time we stop comparing our situation, better or worse, with those who are around us.

We all want to be fit, be pretty, be rich and famous, win laurels, see ourselves in a state of luxury that is in reality, less self-defined but more of a comparison, in order to head a social conversation or be at the top of a fictitious hierarchy. But what is the point of all the cry, destruction of our inner peace, anger and useless excitement when we haven’t yet won over our own former self?

Look In The Mirror and That’s Your Competition.

And that is when I learned that the biggest competitor to be considered against oneself is our very own former version. When the only persistent thing in nature is change, it is always a great idea to begin it on a positive note with our own selves.

It ain’t easy and neither does it come over a fortnight. It is a practice as essential as breathing and eating and over time, this practice of continual self-improvement seeps into our system becomes a part of us.

The moment we realize our own shortcomings, our own mistakes and make an oath to ourselves to bring the needed changes to our perspective, get introduced to a new knowledge, challenge ourselves with an exploration, go an extra mile to be more passionate about the things we love to do and choose a healthier and compassionate living, we indefinitely are one step closer to the “newer us” than “our yesterday”.

At the end of the day, our mirror should also be able to reflect ‘what’ kind of person or ‘who’ we have become and remain charming forever rather than merely focusing on the physical or cosmetic beauty that can easily fade away with a just splash of water.♥


Feature image by Nathan Anderson

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