My Letter to Cupcake

Dear Cupcake,

That tail wag of your’s whenever I get close to you, your puppy eyes wanting me to put my hands on your back and the roll over you do just to get an endless belly rub, is just so heartwarming that I start speaking gibberish out of overflowing and uncontrolled affection for you.

The first day you came in, you jumped and soiled like crazy and all I could think of was ways how to deal with a big sized baby like you. With Shepherd dogs as adorable pets, back at home, I was pretty familiar how crazy you pups can be till you realize it is time for you to finally get some maturity launched in your system. But as days passed and I got a chance to know you a little better, I could see the amount of fear, your undeserving humans had put you through. All you needed now, was some comfort, love and peace, away from the thousands of other abandoned dogs constantly barking and yelling for help at the shelter.

your first day at our place

I was lame too at the start as I did not understand quite well how most definitely I should be handling you, rather making you feel this cozy apartment of ours is now your home as well. But then one morning when I came close to you, to get you out of your crate, I found you so much more composed than the ‘yesterday’. The sense of your peace started putting me at ease and I in turn began to enjoy my confidence in you and most importantly along with you.

Your coming close to me and putting your head on my palm the other day was the tak e off of a different and a new journey of our bonding together. The more I got to know you, the more I kept falling in love with you. The belly rubs and the walks together simply kept getting better and each time that you sat looking up to me, I had oodles of love over pouring inside me for you. I am sure, you would have sensed it too. 🙂

I gradually understood how afraid you were of people other than Som and myself as all you wanted to do is run back home and then into your crate. Your trusting on us made so much of a difference, that your foster mom and dad couldn’t stop bragging about how proud you made them feel. And each time when you slept peacefully with the afternoon warm sun shining on your innocent face, we felt somewhere deep in the corner of our souls, that we finally were doing something right to you.

when you soaked in the sun 


I know your new medications have been taking a little toll on your gentle bruised mind but I adore you more as you choose to have faith in me although I roll those bitter pills in your favorite peanut butter in disguise and manage to trick and treat you. Trust me, not a bit of me likes doing this to you, but I have to make your chance for a second life, worthwhile.

Today you are more confident and love to take strolls with us without your leash on the walking trails. You want to meet new people and please them with boundless affection since your true mantra is all about “cuddle, cuddle, & cuddle me”. Your coat shines like silk and you run on the fields  galloping with life and love and it fills us with immense pride for you.

Had it not been for the amazing & relentlessly hardworking rescue groups, you Cupcake ( I call you CC/Cici) who is this absolutely adorable foster dog of mine at the moment, would have to be put to eternal sleep due to overloaded shelters and heartless pet owners. The escape from just hours before your life being put to an end, this second chance my dear is so worth the save.

The happy and transformed you all set for your forever home

You are now recovering from your fear of being left behind like a long lost sad story and each passing day, evolving as an amazingly loving individual instead, who every pet lover would envy to have you in their family.

Cupcake, for as long as you are with us and even after you find your forever home, your paw-prints on our hearts will never be forgotten but deeply cherished as one of our sweetest memories, ever.

Love ,

Your Foster Momma.♥

P.S: I wish to meet you again sometime and you should know that you will never be forgotten.

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