Get comfortable with being uncomfortable- Jillian Michaels

There is something so attractive about the whole idea of comfort.Be it a bean bag, a reclining couch, our favorite bed, our comfort food or simply the zone in which we are ‘stuck.’

Being comfortable in our own nutshell, however, is one of the safest zones we can choose to live. The comfort of a mindset that has never been challenged, a job that we may have been doing for years even though the outcomes can be rated as bleak, a relationship that may not have shown any progress in the graph of life or anything for that matter that doesn’t challenge us, is nothing more than living in our bubble of convenience.

But for some reason, most of us are not always so privileged to enjoy comfort in terms as exactly as we may desire or define. Life continues to happen with every dawn and evolves by every dusk. Things do get a bit rough and even before we know, we might have started a journey where the road bumps never stop.  We feel stagnated, betrayed by fate, challenged and begin to question our own capacities.  It also doesn’t hesitate to say that it is here when we begin to compare ourselves with our ‘glorious pasts’ and even with others. We are confused, lost and scared. Scared of not knowing, what might be in store for us next and whether or not, things would start looking up again.

The lust for comfort murders the passions of the soul – Khalil Gibran

However, if we choose to take a step back and decide to make a little shift in our focus from the situation that is so daunting, to the person that is emerging out of being in that very particular spot, the idea of being ‘just comfortable’ will start to seem less attractive.

And why? Because only in that stance, will we be open to welcome the new people who have joined us on the journey, explore new ideas, new energies and brand-new thoughts that delve into and discover those dormant corners of our personalities that once seemed to never exist.

So just like that, the bonus of being comfortable is nothing but just the idea by itself and the manipulative fear that holds us back, for there has been no ship that sailed on the shore, not a single adventure that was born out of routine, no magic without the trial of faith and not a single heart that grew rich without being broken.

Because like said, “If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”

Thank you, Sebastien Gabriel, for the feature image.

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