The Pursuer of Love

Day 2 Of Navratri ~ “Bramacharini”

Followed by the Shailputri avatar, “Bramacharini” or the Goddess of Penance, defining the one whose goal is to discover self-existence and the Absolute Reality, is the second avatar of Goddess Durga. This form is worshiped on the second of the “Maha Navratri” (grandeur of the 9 nights and 10 days).

Although, there is a spiritual context to this avatar of the Lady Goddess, there is also a very sweet motivation of love that drives Her to acquire this embodiment, recognized with simple white clothes, holding a “japa mala” (a rosemary) in her right hand and a “kamandal” (water jug) in her left hand.

It is believed that Goddess Durga or Parvati was so intensely in love with Lord Shiva, that She would never settle for anything else other than being His wife. But her parents, on the other hand, never approved or encouraged her thoughts, since Shiva himself was a Yogi, bereft of all materialistic pleasures. Like every other concerned parent, the King Daksha Prajapati & his Queen, desired for all luxuries and comforts for their only beloved daughter. However, Goddess Parvati was so hell-bent and immersed in Her love for Lord Shiva, that no extensive counseling was of any use to her.

Maa-BrahmachariniSo one fine day, she sets off for Her journey, giving up all her royal comforts to prove herself worthy of Lord Shiva’s love. Legends narrate, that Goddess Parvati put herself through the most unbelievable penance by meditating for around 5000 years and gradually renouncing all food and water. She also chose to lead a life of hardship by sleeping on the bare and discomforting forest beds, just to prove Herself worthy of Lord Shiva’s love.

Lord Shiva on the other hand, whose sole purpose in life was to saturate himself in deep meditation and choose never to be married, was in a dilemma knowing of the sacrifices Goddess Parvati was making for him. In the quest to discourage Her, Lord Shiva finally decided to meet Her in disguise, just to frighten and restrain Her ideas again by portraying a very low and dull image of the man, Parvati was so firm on marrying.

But such was the strength and belief in Her love for Lord Shiva, and the desire to be His better half was so profound, that following the Royal Parents, even Lord Shiva failed to deviate her mission and eventually fell in love with this avatar (roop) of “Brahmacharini”, that Goddess Parvati had obtained for the sake of Her Love.

This sweet little legend of the love between the most popular couple in the Hindu Mythology is a fantastic narration that inspires us to have the passion for what we believe in, no matter how it may appear to rest of the world. The hardships mentioned in the legend, are symbolic and even metaphoric to some extent if I may say so, just to inspire us to beat all odds, irrespective of every luxurious comfort required to be left behind, for the Pursuit of Love.

“Happy Navratri” everyone!♥

P.S: I would love to send out some appreciation to my friend for this lovely artwork, dedicating to Goddess avatar “Brahmachirni” , that inspired to feature in this blog.  A smiling face and bright colors is a wonderful way to picture Mother Goddess and keep alive the child in us forever. I am sure you would love to see more work of my artistic friend- Suchita, here. 🙂

Pic Source: Web

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