And With Love, She Glowed~ Devi Mahagauri

Day 8 of Navrtari ~ Goddess Mahagauri

durga image

Hindus all over and in every corner of the world is spirited with festivity today, to rejoice the eighth incarnation of the gorgeous Hindu Goddess Durga.

Ancient legends and mythology narrate fascinating stories of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. For the 8th incarnation of Goddess Durga’s, “Mahagauri” avatar, there are interesting stories that reveal her this image.

After the long endless years of penance to become Lord Shiva’s wife in Her role as Goddess Brahmacharini and as the slayer of the demon, in her form of Goddess Katyayani and Kaalratri, Goddess Parvati/Durga was exhausted and her complexion was fatigued, pale and somewhat dark.  On a private gathering, post the victorious war that slew the demons, Lord Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu on this note, seemed to have casually and lovingly teased Goddess Durga, for her apparent dullness and this certainly did not interest the lady and made her upset.

But how could Lord Shiva be at comfort when his precious beloved wife wasn’t at ease and was all dull? With the sensibility of a loving Husband, Lord Shiva is believed to have then washed the body of his wife, Goddess Parvati with the water of the Holy Ganga and she regained her sparkling and radiant beauty back.

goddess mahagauri

“Mahagauri”, meaning extremely fair, radiant, peaceful and calm is also the ‘wish-fulfilling’ avatar of the Mother Goddess that is worshiped on the 8th day of the Holy Navratri.

Because of her white and fair complexion, she is compared to the conch, the moon and the white flower of Kunda. Symbolically, the night blooming jasmine is also her favorite flower.

She wears a simple white sari, is depicted with 4 arms and rides a white bull. One of her right hand is in a posture that alleviates fear and with the other, she holds a trident. She holds a small drum in one of her left hand and the other remains in a blessing posture for her devotees. In this form, She now personifies herself again as the happy wife of Lord Shiva and the composed and peaceful Mother figure.

It is believed that the incarnation of Devi Durga as “Goddess Mahagauri” is the absolute expression of kindness and mortality. She purifies the soul of those of her devotees and her earthly children, by forgiving their sins and help them get rid of materialistic vices and misery by leading them to path of contentment and self-realization.

Interestingly, another beautiful ritual carried out across parts of India and Nepal during Navratri or the Durga Puja is the worship of a little girl who hasn’t yet reached her puberty.  They call it the Kumari Puja.

Kumari Puja

The chosen little girl is adorned like a deity and it is through her that the Divini Spirit of the Mother is worshipped. The Hindu Goddess Durga is the absolute declaration of supreme power and strength in a woman through wisdom, patience, wealth, beauty and all combined.

While the process of worship through an idol is the worship through inanimate objects, this Kumari Puja, symbolizes the worship of the same supreme holy spirit in conscious beings and in this case, a young girl who grows to be a woman of strength and power.

Afterall, that is what we all need to feel. The existence of God not outside us, but right here within us and in life that comes in all forms.

♥ Happy Navratri ♥



P.S: The innocent chirpy girl in white and the happy bull/cow is sure to bring a smile from the Heaven above. Thanks a bunch Suchita for this extraordinarily cute feature image for this blog.

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