Write your Own Story

“I had been waiting long to open the door. And each time that my hand wanted to grab that knob and turn it around, I could feel my fingers go cold.

Was it the doorknob after all or was it my self-doubt that confused my circulation and interfered with my years of nurtured self-confidence?

I took some time and taking a deep breath, assured myself to bluff that tiny yet massively strong annoying thought of fear and did that bold maneuver with my hands, still feeling cold.

Too much to my surprise, I did not end up entering a room full of “aliens” but figures that looked very much from the world I belonged to (the ones that we call the human people).

Each of those ‘people’ wore a cloak and a mask not different from one another and it was in plain and simple words scary and weird. Looked like a factory where humans were made and tuned, much like how I believed toys were made. They had to be molded from similar casts of specified categories and those that did not match the specifications were considered outcaste. And I hear a long beep.”

It’s 7.30 am. My smartphone from the ‘real world’ was doing its job and in all the confusion between the two realms, my body clock jolted me back to life and Ahh…what a relief!

Following the morning ritual, I generously poured myself a cup of hot strongly brewed coffee and effortlessly there was a rewind of all that I saw. Pretty darn scary!!

Well, I do not blame my imagination or dreams for that matter. It is indeed tough to be and stick to your inner self in a crowd that is so differently motivated today. There are trends that mankind follows, hashtags that are worshiped, a statistic of the ‘statuses’ that need to be liked, happy colorful pictures taken to show what the world might want to see, lavish possessions to compete for and be put on the pedestal for an envy vote and the winner here, is awarded the medal for the most successful and happiest person on planet Earth.

While all this might be an essential part to belong and remain socially acceptable to this newly packaged world, this might not be the need for our core existence or our ultimate identity.


And in all the hustle bustle, it forces me to think and wonder if this intimidating tournament is all about profanity outcasting morality and if so, who is destined to win the trophy of  ‘Happiness’?

In the infatuation to be a part of the social media self-propaganda campaign, little do we even realize that one out of every ten people reading our explicit life on the digital platform is struggling to get him or herself noticed and by the time he/she does, the bar is raised to another level and we begin to explore the dreadful cope-up mechanism triggered by comparison.


  And could it have been put in any better words!

But as subtle and naive as this word may sound, it is the single most powerful tool to rob us of our self-confidence, self-contentment and make the most easily accessible feeling of happiness, seem hidden in the deep dark caverns of a coal mine.

In other words, to be blessed to belong to this era of familiarities and opportunities waiting to be explored, it is absolutely and always worthy to write a story that is uniquely and exclusively yours and not one that is driven by comparisons.

It’s Okay to not want to be a part of the rush that you do not believe in, to not know the latest headlines by mid-morning, the schedules on the missile launch, the top ten chartbusters of the week, the latest in fashion or what rules in the world of artificial intelligence, simply because there is so much information out there and your priorities can just be a little different than someone else’s.

You may also take the liberty to cut yourself some slack and tell yourself that It’s Okay, that you’re not yet the CEO of your company but identify yourself as a unique individual who can have an ambition or a vision that is different from what others may expect out of you.

And it is absolutely Okay to have a thing or two less against a fragment of more compassion and sanity as that is what the world today is genuinely deprived of.

In the end, as a pillow of comfort, had it not been for this steady attitude to hold on to and belief in oneself, we would never have had the chance to learn about some of these great inspiring world leaders like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison or Michelangelo who were ridiculed at multiple stages of their dreams but eventually wrote their own stories, that this world forever chose to swear by.

So if you did find yourself stuck in the factory of manufactured people even for once, like I was in this dream of mine, then wake up, liberate yourself, discover the real you, believe not once but through your voyage, grab your golden pen, push yourself and bloom to write a story that you’d be proud to sign off.


Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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