Because Stars are Meant to Shine

They say, “we are built from our situations at different phases of our lives,” but the question that provokes me is, ” are we becoming what we would like to see ourselves as?”

Every time that we look into the mirror of our conscience and see the person we have become or are in the process of the making, we see both strengths and flaws. Those that we would love to keep and nurture and those that we would easily want to do away with.

But neither discarding nor nurturing is an easy process. Both need work, patience, consistency and most importantly the realization of our actions involved in doing the business.

The funny thing that I have personally observed in the continuous adventure of discovering myself is, we often shield ourselves, our flaws, our inability to do the things that we want for ourselves by putting a chunk of the burden on our own experiences, limitations of the past, the different people who were involved in it and most definitely – fate

This then acts as a tremendous source of comfort that protects us and cuddles us to do away with the thought of becoming a “better version” of ourselves. We are blinded strong enough not to admit and alter our ways and think that who we are, is in reality who we are meant to be.

But to what extent is that true? Isn’t this a lie that we unknowingly conceive and believe it to be the authenticity of our existence?

stars are meant to shine 1

What if we understand the unique secret of how our painful past can actually transform us into better versions? Wounds always need not be enemies of our morality. Pain and challenges can also make us stronger and can well be given the chance to push us to greater extents than we might have imagined for ourselves.

And what if we take a step back, reflect, put ourselves together and not blame those pretty stars for who we haven’t become but believed that our wounds can still be healed and nourish us to become the “better, kinder and wiser” us?

Because, at the end of it what we think of ourselves today will manifest into our tomorrow.♥



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