Six Reasons Why I Love Springtime

Its just been two days since officially Spring has been announced and since I am typically not a very Summer person this time of the year (along with Fall) is just so ideal and perfect to me and believe it to be the same for the ‘most of ‘ all of us.

For the starters, I love the transition of nature from bareness to blossom. There is so much joy around the usual things that become mundane in the cold foggy days. Although winters this year seems to have been longer than the last and many of us have been waiting impatiently for the outdoors to get pleasant, it doesn’t hesitate a bit to say, that it’s being ever so rewarding.

Of the many things about Springtime, I love hanging out and enjoying the ‘me time’ on my patio with Gibson (my four legged son). It’s neither too cold nor too hot but just Pawfect!

One may call me dramatic or dreamy, but this is when I like to take a step back, or at least say once in a while take a look at what surrounds me and be happily amused.

So, for the records and for my future reference, if I had to point out the best things I love about Springtime, I would choose to site my obsession to enjoy the:-

1) TransitionI cannot stop being amused by the law of naturethat no matter what, it evolves in its own ways. It doesn’t matter if anyone is watching or not, nature evolves with time and does what it needs to do. There are no outwardly forces, at least visible to my human eyes, that act towards this wonderful transition or say makeover of the barren dullness but the turnout is simply magical.

The trees burst with bright white, pink and purple flowers with no sign of leaves while pretty dainty colorful wildflowers bloom out of nowhere, with no care whatsoever adding a lovely contrast to the fresh green grass that has just begun to sprout.

Spring Wild Flower
Clicked by Nabomita Das

Purple flowers

white bloomsAs the emerging greenery outdoors pulls me like a hypnotic, I try capturing these tiny moments as much I can.

Well, for such silly adventures, I have my mutt, Gibson walk with me around the neighborhood and he does such a good job putting up with my fanatics.

New growth of spring from barren trees to full blossom
The transition from Barren to Blossom @ my community
Spring blossoms
Bright magenta paper like flowers @ my community
yellow wildflowers
A bright happy wildflower right in front of my porch. 🙂
white blossom trees
White Spring Blooms
White Flowers of Springtime
White Spring Blooms @ Nabomita Das


2)  Sound Therapy The Twitter notes of the happy little birds, mourning doves and the ‘coo’ of the pigeons on my roof literally makes me push myself out of the bed. They are so happy and yes I get it!

They have all the reason to be happy and chirpy. The weather is getting better, there is sun, warmth, some dancing of the little ones that I get to see on my neighbor’s roof, all because it’s time for them to finally be able to date and fly carelessly again after the long harsh cold winters. There is blossom everywhere and it’s time for them to start building their love nests again.

Blue jay chirping in the spring
credit: web

Given a cup of coffee, and I can ditch the clock, sit on the patio and watch them do their silly dance like a freak!


3) Springing Life: Over the last couple of years, I have found myself a new love and that is to garden. I am not a pro and still spend my leisure hours hoarding garden tips on Pinterest, but I know the time is getting right, when the seeds I sowed during the winter months and watched over them like a hawk, will now begin to sprout.

It’s like literally watching and appreciating life. I wonder and amuse at the strength of a tiny seed that pushes the slender green shoot out from under those layers of soil and never does it mistake its directions for the ones that have to go down and the ones those that have to follow the light.

Tiny shoots of greens


warming up on a sunny window

I am sure there must be a scientific explanation for this process, but for now, I would love to keep it as a nature lovers amusement. 🙂


4) Daylight Savings:  This one has to be on my list. We literally begin to have so much of the day now.  I also mess up my evening dose of coffee timings sometimes. I love to see people basking in the sun, kids running on the freshly turned green meadows, floating white flowers lifted by the gentle breeze and so so many people out with their dogs for a walk. Totally wonderful!

daylight savings spring


5) Eating Out: Don’t judge me as dramatic, but any restaurant that has a bunch of string lights and outdoor seating arrangements pretty much gets on my list of “to-go”. Of course, this is the best time to enjoy the weather, the sun-and-the-shade, some music, the vibrant tulips and daffodils around the corner with your loved company and even decently good food works absolutely well.


6) Doggy Time: Last of the many things (which I would not even be competent to explain), I love the doggy time that I get with my mutt son, Gibson. The long walks, playing fetch outside while working on his training is such fun.

Gibson (on left) and Grey (on right)


Along with that, living in an apartment always doesn’t support me (us) with fostering on a regular basis but Springtime really cheers me up with good weather and the drive to get a new rescue buddy to accompany my moody mutt-head.

Flaunting Grey…oooh he is handsome.

Well, at least that’s the way how Gibson ended staying back with us for good and forever. ♥


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