A New Begining For a New Decade

Congratulations on accomplishing the first week of a new decade! Sounds big right? Well, the truth is, it should.

We did drain ourselves working on our goals and agendas, overcoming a plethora of challenges and believe it or not, we’ve almost become 365 times more mature as compared to this time, last year.

We have our planners filling in, gym resolutions in action and so many other life’s visionaries in the making already. I typically love the vibrant and happy posts that are streaming on Facebook and Instagram, the throwback memories, and hilarious new year memes. However, I still wish if the Christmas lights could hang in there a little longer and I could crib a little more about the obsession of pumpkin spice and cinnamon that took off since November.  But while I still cling on to my Christmas tree and the festive wreath that adorns my door, I can’t help thinking of the fires that are burning down our forest land and innumerable lives. Lives of those that cannot be counted for, screams that are going unheard and a habitat that is going extinct by the day.

In the last few months, if anything has caught our attention besides political rage, deprived economies and international conflict of opinions, it’s the whelping cries of the only home that belongs to us all. It’s not California or the Amazon alone that is burning down to the greeds of the human race but other participating continents like Africa, Aisa, Europe, Northern, and Southern America and as I write, the flora and fauna of Australia engulfed in a hazardous orange sky.  It confuses me to even think what the death of millions of animals, one-third of the Koala population, the once rich kingdom of kangaroos and 12 million acres of charred land would mean in reality, let alone the trajectory of the people who are witnessing this holocaust.

A chid being rescued on a boat amidst the Australian bushfires 2020
Source: CNN

There are also debates that criticize the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison’s support to his distressed country but before we get in the game of pointing fingers, let us also not forget that people like you and me are somewhere responsible for this at the very core of it. It is us who have mindlessly misused our planet’s resources in the devotion to make life more comfortable and unnecessary palatable. We watch the news, nod our heads in agreement as natural disasters precede conversations over dinner parties but the reality is, we have no idea of how it feels when our own backyard is on fire.

Burning image of Australia by NASA
NASA Captures the Burning Image of Australia

We are privileged and blessed that we have to make efforts to understand what it must be to live for days without consumable water, breathe clean air and have access to food for survival. And while we put up arguments about bushfires being a natural phenomenon and use climate change nothing more than a “trending subject” of our times, I hope we could do better than carelessly using hashtags for social likeability alone. After all, all that is preached needs to be practiced. Isn’t it?

Bushfires in Australia
Source: ABC News

Trust me, it takes effort on my part to express when I say that, “no what we’re doing is not enough” allthough this is an entirely different subject for some other time. Being kind and being responsible is not a weekend agenda or a voluntary activity but needs to be a lifestyle with no prejudice to our fellow species. It’s about time that we stop taking pride in being humans rather than acting like one. And It’s time we stop mindlessly ripping our Earth of its resources and considering animals only for amusement or appetite.

Practice Kindness quote by Rumi

So as we wind up with the hype and exuberance of our New Year celebrations, let’s take a step back, a deep breath and be grateful that we are still alive while millions of others are battling for their existence. Let us pray for healing and support wrenched hearts even if their cries haven’t reached us. Let us reach out to our families and friends who are grieving the loss of a loved one or recovering from a trauma. In this year, this new decade let us try to be more empathetic and not defensive of our wrongful choices that trickle down to someone else’s misery.  And of the many goals penned down in our planner, let’s try to give back and prioritize being kind to one another.

Here’s hoping for a more meaningful decade for all of us.

Mindeology wishes you a very happy and fulfilled 2020

Cover Photo by Simon Ray on Unsplash


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