Wordless Wednesday – The Key to Paradise


a phoenix art scuplture made of keys by artist Jessie Mercer, to places that were lost in Paradise, California's Camp Fire.
Jessie Mercer’s art Sculpture that was made of thousands of keys in memory of all that was lost in the Paradise Camp Fire.


Sometimes in Tragedy, we find our Lives Purpose.

~ Robert Brault

As Australia and many parts of the world still battle the relentless wildfires, this piece of art brought back so many memories.

In November 2019, exactly one year after the most devastating campfire in California’s history, Jessie Mercer, the 34-year-old art therapist and trauma counselor, unveiled her art sculpture of the 800-pound mythological bird, the Phoneix. Rising from the ashes of thousands of homes, schools, churches, cars, businesses, lost hopes and tears, this “Phoneix sculpture” holds more than 18,000 keys of devastated lives. ❤

But Shhhhhh… It’s Wordless Wednesday, so I’ll let you do the rest.

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