White Wings and a Starry Night

White Angel in Wings-Premonition-faith-magic

It was one of those sad and depressing nights when I lay on my hostel bed uncertain and lost, searching for one single bleak of hope. Unseen tears drenched my cotton pillow covers and tired of the suffocation, I slipped into my dreams for that night and days that followed thereafter, was never the same anymore. …

Do it Anyway!

bumblebee, motivation, inspirtaion

It is not in the knowing alone, but also in the unknown, that allows us to harness our unseen potential and become a sign of the purpose of life. And such can be the manifestation of bliss! ♥     Image by: unsplash-logoGeorge Hiles


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  Always! There is this voice inside each of us, dormant or super active and somehow it has some of the best advice in store for us. It is completely up to us if we choose to Listen to it or sway it off based on a momentary thought that might just be an excuse blanketing …