Que Sera Sera

“Whatever will be, will be..

the future’s not ours to see..

Que Sera Sera”

One of the most popular chart-busters of the 1950’s by Doris Day, could not have been more evident as for today.

I crisply remember this song being taught back in the cherished school days in our music lesson classes and our beautiful music teacher swaying her head, while her dainty fingers danced on the black and white bold keys of the piano, stimulating modest auditorium of little girls who could just barely be patient to sing the chorus.

Oh, I just wish if we could sing the chorus in the same spirit even today as matured adults!

I was doing the dishes the other day, with millions of thoughts patrolling my mind asking questions and searching for feasible pacifying answers when an old chord struck me like a jolt. And it was the chorus of this beautiful song, “Que Sera Sera”.

I washed and dried my hands in excitement, asking the patrol to take some rest and the very next moment I couldn’t help but play the music loud on You Tube and gazed outside the window feeling somewhat contented.

I love how the questions transition along the phases of our life but never end, even though they are wished to vanish at some point or other.

Soaking in the lyrics, I reminisced the unbreakable bonding that I shared with my mother as a young girl who simply followed her like her tail with endless questions, a teen who kept asking her for beauty advice, curious to know the world beyond the graduation ceremony, a young lady setting her steps to build her career, the woman looking forward to marry the man she loved and the one now, who still has plenty of questions for the life ahead of her. But ever since then and till the gist of our gossips today, she has had one common ground answer to all, “Don’t worry, you are a strong girl and everything will be just fine.”

I sat and smiled feeling perplexed, if my instinct to question was my natural curiosity or if it was her consolation that has always made me seek for comfort.

It is most certainly a mother’s strength to retain her patience year after year, irrespective of distances and inopportune situations, that she never fails to soothe her children with her magical support.

It is also so undeniably true, that no matter how hard we want or try to control, “whatever will be, will be and the future’s not ours to see”. We spend most of our lives thinking of the ‘tomorrow’ and the joys of the ‘present’ just slip by, unnoticed and unappreciated. There is absolutely nothing that we can achieve by pining for a better ‘tomorrow’ unless we prepare ourselves and act for a conscience and a kinder ‘today’. Because even though we cannot see, there ought to be far more better things that lie ahead of us than where we might have been or where we may feel stranded at the moment. After-all, we are the only artist of our lives and it is we alone who have the liberty to fill strokes of our most desired colors.

If you have been having a hard time or even if you are lucky not to go through one, please spare some time to savor and indulge yourself in these wise, classic lyrics.  https://youtu.be/SdhAfMor9BM

Thank you so much Doris Day for giving us this piece for our heart♥

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United & Divided

With so much happening around lately or rather more of the things that happen to come to surface over the recent times, I unwillingly feel, how strangely we are more united and divided in ways, now than ever. It is not that I wish to nag or complain when so much negativity surrounds us on a day to day basis, but it is the constant fight with oneself and the over pouring of information around us, that it is indeed a challenge to keep my mind in a stage of sanity.

In a phase, that I believed to have progressed from the life of the caves and striking pebbles to light a flare, we have simply transitioned to one that is clouded by nothing but damaging self created illusions.

Today we live in high rising & sky-kissing buildings like never before, transitioned from bullock carts to battery driven fuel efficient cars and eat a meal that is more of a luxury than a necessity. Thanks to the hard-work and sweat of our previous generations that we belong to this privileged race where we can earn a hefty paycheck while warming up our chairs all day long, while some rise and melt down along with the Sun.

It is hard to ignore the fact that in someway or the other we all depend upon each other in our life-cycle and along the chains of demand and supply. It is this beauty of interdependence that we all unknowingly participate in , that leads us to either step onto or climb the ladder of livelihood and co-existence.

Yet, how good are we in acknowledging this unseen thread that binds all of us together in some way or the other?

We are living in a time today,that is witnessing the biggest holocaust ever in terms of both human and animal slavery, for the sake of some pleasure that my simple or half-witted mind cannot process through, especially when I see commoners such as me pride over it. “Speciesism”, is thus the new hyped word, coined to honor this mindset of Human prejudice where we humans believe to have moral rights so high so as to overlook the pain and suffering of non-human animals, and treat them in ways that slavery would need a new definition for itself.

It also amuses me, when I look around and see the arrogance, alter in the eyes of a human being  for another person against his or her complexion, against a particular religion or faith, for the LGBT community or even if it is a regular gender favoritism. If there is anything at all, the ‘world’ has always and would still choose to believe, is to look up-to a ‘MAN’irrespective of his credentials.  For me, as a woman it is sadly bleak to imagine the day when that pedestal will be equally shared by a ‘WOMAN’ in the very same regard, needless to say that this charity awaits to begins at home.

On the very other hand, there is an uprising strength of people from within us, who are trying tirelessly day in and day out to make the world a more humane place for a better tomorrow. It is historic for a an era like now, how environmentalists, protectors of animal and human rights have a struck a revolution for a better and much needed change.

People selflessly working at the animal shelters where hundreds of pets are dumped in or traded once the momentarily pleasure period is over, those of who among us are working in the war zones to protect and support the lives of the victims and so many more, who can selflessly open their hearts for a wounded soul, are typically the ones who reaffirm my faith in Humanity. It certainly must not be easy to constantly stand up against what is ethically unfair but it this capacity to empathize, that is certainly one of the supreme qualities that natures has bestowed upon us and had we known of it’s uninterrupted supply, I guess we would have never chosen to be otherwise.

So, after all the Moon and Mars landing expeditions, technological advancements, culinary achievements and the daily dose of luxury that we relish so casually, is everything so worthwhile when we are so much at a conflict with our very own selves and our fellow beings, humans and non-humans alike? What is the point of an extravagant degree when our very basic morals are at stake? And what is the tiniest drop of our contribution to create that ripple of change that the oceans await?

This world today, from my eyes, seems to be divided and united in halves. One that is hell-bent on destruction blinded by prejudicial illusions and the other half who is equally determined in bringing together the scattered pieces of  broken mankind, to shape a worthier tomorrow.

And in the end, all that my simple mindset can understand and observe is the reality that we as humans, have tremendous capacities to both unite and to destroy and by just choosing the right direction of will, we can be the creation we were meant to be.



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Faith vs Fear


Last Friday, as out on one of our Friday dine out events at an American Dinerwe happened to be friends there with a lady aged with experience and insights and so much and more was just being casually discussed over a steaming cup of hot coffee getting cold. It is then, when out of the many things, she mentioned about FEAR and FAITH and defined FEAR as explicitly as a “False Evidence Appearing Real”. I couldn’t have agreed more. Yes, Faith and Fear do walk hand in hand and sometimes they do tend to appear as one.

Ever since then, I really haven’t been able to take it off my mind. It’s so true. Faith is what we have within ourselves and Fear is what we make or perceive of. Both Fear and Faith walk like controversial partners, hand in hand and in most circumstances they do go through an osmosis and in a blink of an eye, become one.

While Faith is the heart’s own child, Fear as I perceive is the child of the analytical mind. From all the hardships, struggles, pitfalls and deception that we come across in our social and materialistic living, Fear is born. And as we grow older, so does it grow with us in some form or another.

Fear brings in, the dark clouds of doubt in a package deal and persuades us never to leave the shore of comfort. It makes us question time and time again about our capabilities and wants us to surrender the weaker part of us until it’s objective is finally fulfilled.

But Faith, I guess on the other hand just makes us feel different and real. No matter what the world thinks of us or who we may want to portray ourselves as, Faith appears to be the candid mirror to all that talking that happens inside each one of us. It is Faith, that end of the day keeps us moving and forces us to push open the shut or the rusted gates locked by Fear.

tomAs I have been pondering over this for the past couple of days,I can now relate and make complete sense to the devil and angel sitting on the shoulders of our favorite cartoon characters, driving them insane to make the right call and choose the path that is less traveled than usual.

It is weird, how as a child, things that we so casually picked up and learnt, fade away and seem to be lost while we aim and aspire to be a member of this the ‘civilized and advanced’ world of the grown ups.

At each stage, both Fear and Faith have been the toughest challenges to be fought in their own ways, just that the innocent and untainted hearts of a child always saw Faith and lived merrily as ever and the one now living in the shell of a grown up is entrusted with the job of assessing Fear more than it can actually handle.

And recently, as I have been deciphering many angles of my goals vis-a vis my comfort zones crowded with the constant chatter inside my head, this very break up of the word, ‘FEAR ~ False Evidence Appearing Real’ brings in a ray of some needed hope. It compels me to realize that had it not been for this competition of Fear or Faith that only the persistent caterpillars and not all, could break their cocoon in splendid colors of a butterfly and woo the world, the bold sunflowers that gaze right into the eye of the blazing Sun and bloom carelessly, the first Human and so many more who followed the footprints thereafter, to ever dare to climb the unattainable peaks of the Himalayas and also for those who believed to discover the world that exists beyond the merely vast circumference of the Earth and eventually were rewarded with a different perspective of the horizon. 


P.S: Do you feel the same conflict of Fear and Faith within you? I would be curious and inspired to know your story and how you decide to choose, in the comments below 🙂

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Gifted by the Divine

Believed to have appeared from the left side of Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga or Parvati attains her ninth embodiment in the form of “Siddhidatri”, meaning the giver of supernatural powers.  On the 9th and final day of the Navrati festival, the “Siddhidatri” form of the Goddess is worshiped in full spirit and enthusiasm.


Being the one, who grants the ultimate wish of acquiring intuition, farsightedness, spiritual direction and likewise supernatural powers, Goddess Siddhidatri is worshiped by all gods, saints and demons across the heaven, earth and hell, with much devotion.


siddhidratriThe “Siddhidatri” incarnation has four hands and is seen seated on a lotus or Her lion. With her peaceful and loving expressions, she holds a discus, a conch shell, a trident and a mace and blesses her devotees with spiritual enrichment.

After nine days of strict disciplinary lifestyle, fasting that majorly includes fruits as a primary diet, chanting the holy mantras  and meditation for most others, the Ninth day is the rewarding day with the gift of self realization and the much needed connection with the inner self.

Following the regime of the worship, rituals and fasting, the 9th day of Navratri, marks the moment of rejoice and cultures across the Nation, have their own signature style for celebrating this moment.

Scattered Hindus all over the world dance to the tune of the colorful “Garba dance” with vibrant colored sticks as the prime prop, celebrating the ninth day of the holy Navratri. Predominantly, celebrated in the  Northern & Western Indian states , the “Dandiya” or the “Garba” is a much popular and globalized festive dance and it is hard to resist the rhythm that it sets in your body.

For the Eastern India, and for the Bengalis who are crazy and overjoyed to celebrate the Navratri in the form of Durga Puja, it is their traditional “Dhunuchi Dance” holding an earthen pot with burning aromatic camphor and dried outer shells of coconut, done in the praise of the Mother Goddess.

For the Southern India, it is  “Bathukamma” where women dressed in traditional attires and jewelry, decorate bountiful and colorful seasonal flowers with medicinal powers, are piled in the shape of a temple and is dedicated to the Mother Goddess, inviting Her and praising Her as the life-giver and the goddess of Motherhood.


With all the rejoice, festive spirit, awaited rituals and course of worship, the Navratri comes to a glorious end with “Goddess Siddhidhatri” on this 9th day of the festival.

However it is only the grandeur that comes to an end today, otherwise the entire stretch of these nine days are gentle reminder for all of us, to sit back from the usual run of regular chores and reconnect ourselves with the sweet change of the season as autumn sets in the stage of transition from the harsh summers to the cooler winters. It is also the dire need for the mind to breathe and rejuvenate, the time when migrated members of a family come back home to celebrate the festive spirit, the excitement of new clothes and an enjoyable break from the regular food.

Nevertheless, keeping rituals and ceremonial practices aside, it does reminds us the need for discipline not only in terms of clean eating but also clean thinking – one that sets the mind, body and soul to a detox or a purifying mode, enough to last another tough year until the “Sharad Navratri” arrives again.♥

   ♥ “Shubha Navratri” ♥



P.S: As adorable as the significance of  “Goddess Siddhidatri”, is this pleasing feature image of the Mother Goddess done by Suchita. Thanks you so much. 🙂

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By Virtue of her Radiance

Day 8 of Navrtari ~ Goddess Mahagauri

Ancient legends and mythology narrates fascinating stories of  the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. For the 8th incarnation of Goddess Durga’s, “Mahagauri” avatar, there are interesting stories that reveal her this image.

After the long endless years of penance to become Lord Shiva’s wife in Her role as Goddess Brahmacharini and as the slayer of the demon, in her form of Goddess Katyayani and Kaalratri, Goddess Parvati/Durga was exhausted and her complexion was fatigued, pale and somewhat dark.  On a private gathering, post the victorious war that slayed the demons, Lord Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu on this note, seemed to have casually and lovingly teased Goddess Durga, for her apparent dullness and this certainly did not interest the lady and made her upset.

But how could Lord Shiva be at comfort when his precious beloved wife wasn’t at ease and was all dull? With the sensibility of a loving Husband, Lord Shiva is believed to have then washed the body of his wife, Goddess Parvati with the water of the Holy Ganga and she regained her sparkling and radiant beauty back.


“Mahagauri”, meaning extremely fair, radiant, peaceful and calm is also the ‘wish-fulfilling’ avatar of the Mother Goddess that is worshiped on the 8th day of the Holy Navratri.

Because of her white and fair complexion, she is compared to the conch, the moon and the white flower of Kunda. Symbolically, the night blooming jasmine is also her favorite flower.

She wears a simple white sari, is depicted with 4 arms and rides a white bull. One of her right hand is in a posture that alleviates fear and with the other she holds a trident whereas she holds a small drum in one of her left hand and the other remains in a blessing posture for her devotees. In this form, She now personifies herself again as the happy wife of Lord Shiva and the composed and peaceful Mother figure.

It is believed that “Goddess Mahagauri” is the absolute goddess of kindness and mortality. She purifies the soul of those of her devotees and her earthly children, by forgiving their sins and help them get rid of materialistic vices and misery by leading them to path of contentment and self-realization.

♥ Happy Navratri ♥

P.S: The innocent chirpy girl in white and the happy bull/cow is sure to bring a smile from the Heaven above. Thanks a bunch Suchita for this extraordinarily cute feature image for this blog.

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