..and Happy Women’s Day

As a teenager, a thing like “Happy Women’s Day” would mean no more than the greeting cards that flooded the stores, flowers being sold at the roundabouts and the  TV commercials engaged in happy women propaganda’s.

And today, the scenario is pretty much still the same but  I am with a different perspective of course.

I grew up in a house with more women than men, read in a convent school that insisted on teaching values more than swallowing text matters and both of these combined, prepared me and so many more like me, around in this world for a reality different than that of fairy-fables without having to give up on the fact that magic and miracles do happen.

I wonder at times, what gives us so much strength to endure the passing storms of everyday life so gracefully or at least  make us appear graceful at any given time? Is it because we never stop believing in the magic of the “what ifs’?”

 Not only are we the living hormone factory but also the empire of overflowing emotions. I bet, each one of us would agree that it is rare we feel the same way throughout the day, each and everyday,thanks to the variety of chemicals and sub chemicals entertaining our hormonal system and yet it is the tiny little casual things that emotionally move our worlds. Ain’t that funny!

We are gifted with strength, passion, admirable inner and outer beauty, love and affection and the sole ability to procreate another life form. However, in spite of the all the bestowed grace we have ‘supposedly’ been set at the mercy of acceptance and acknowledgement of others and at least at some point or the other, personified to become someone else’s perception rather than our own, impersonating the many things a woman “is supposed to be” than what she “is”and the prejudice has ever since continued.

It is wonderful to reflect as a woman today, to fathom the system of creation that allows a girl to celebrate her phases as a little girl that chirps like the happy birds of spring, an enthusiastic and ‘creative in her own ways’ kind of a young daughter, a blooming lady in no-time, preparing her wings to set herself off with a basket full of dreams and aspirations.

With her spirit cultured with magic and miracles of bedtime fairies, she is pumped to explore her life of dreams that are only meant to come true. However there is so much out there that changes the whole equation of what she wished for and what she received instead.

There are rules and norms, perceptions to handled, duties to be fulfilled, sacrifices to be made, master the virtue of forgiveness, battles and insecurities to fight and the constant need to provide caped in a personality full of poise and grace to reclaim yourself as a women at the end of the day.

And in all this turmoil, it is our tiny little dreams that get shoved in the dark corners of the closet. Some of us never get a chance to look for and trace them back and some of us who manage to light the fire of our dreams and pull out that piece of our forgotten bit, make wonders happen surprising the audience that once doubted us.

I seldom smile to myself when I am forced to think if it is this gifted & secret power of women to rise like a phoenix, irrespective of her circumstances,the need for her to be suppressed, questioned, denied and treated differently from her fellow gender?

After all, it absolutely does not need a man alone to change the fate of a woman but the woman herself, who raises both a man and a woman to bring the change we still wait to see.

 ♥Cheers to us and to all the strong women in our lives!♥

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February Fever

It is the popular month of February and not because it has the unusual 28 days or the rare 29 days stretch but more because the branding industry has genuinely endorsed this month as diligently as I would want to bake a cake.

I mean, from the time I realized myself as a teen, the promotion of ‘February’ has really got my hopes high and let me ponder with nothing more than a  “why?” and at times a “when?”

The television channels from back then until now are nothing more than the color pink or red, flooded with tempting chocolates, roses, shining diamonds, sales and offers and snugly bears and overly happy couples. It is not that I do not admit couples can be really that happy, but the temptations they create are so hard to resist, I tell you.

Almost every store, even the grocery or the pet stores have red hearts floating around and tons of chocolate boxes and huge bears dumped right at the entrance and you feel like jumping right into them just like a kitten would react to pile yarn balls. But hold on, “I am definitely a mature 30+ women (not that numbers really matter) and why on Earth am I still wanting to behave like a desirous teen girl? What is wrong with me?” Well,hell no, “I am very much human and all this around me is sparking that old teen fire and not letting me be me.”

And to top it all, even friends till date often end up asking about special plans for the Valentine’s day and I bland and maturely address them back by sweetly saying, “Nothing much, we may just go for a nice dinner.” Oh trust me, in this rat race if I am served hot dinner even at home, having nothing to do, I will treat multiple days as the special February day. No roses, no diamonds, no chocolates just a princess treatment should well suffice. 😉

And, in all this hype and celebration and tempting distractions to spend the wallet, it is my spouse who is my closest soft target (but of-course). I simply love to trouble him (in the good ways) from time to time to keep the spark sparkling. 😀vulpes_vulpes_face

So, this afternoon I reminded him about the first and the last rose he gave me when we first started dating 4 years ago emphasizing the fact that it not the materialistic things that matter however they can seem to make some more sense on particular days.

Me: “You know what? I guess it would be a great idea to relive it again”

He: “Sure, do you want to go to the nursery and shop some plants?”

Me: “Really ? That many?”

He: “Sure, why not? You would not have one but lots of flowers all round the year.”

Me:” Wow, that was my husband talking!”


Me Again: ” How about we go to the shelter and adopt some dogs for our family? We love dogs don’t we 😀

He: “dogS?”


Me: “Why not? Isn’t that an effective gift, a family member who we can have for life.?”

He: ” When is the time that you are not this creative? We should talk at leisure then.”

Well, this is pretty much how my teen valentine fever has modified and nurtured over the years and now I living with my  partner who is certainly my best buddy and stress buster but also technically incapable to think hypothetically which is why I have to work hard to constantly being creative and pretty much show him the mirror. super-grin

But on a serious note, I feel that besides the glitz, glamour, craze and a blow to the wallet that the social media or the marketing industry has brought upon us for the first 15 days of this month, it is indeed nice to celebrate the little things and reflect on the cherished moments that our loved ones bring into our lives not just on one day but for days and years together.

It is eventually not that things we buy or give on a said date, but the smallest gestures that last for even more than a lifetime even though the cuddly-snugly bears on the store  counters stare right back into your eyes and insistently tell you ~ “C’mon ask me out of here. ” 🙂 ♥

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I am not a Dog!

The Tale of the Coyote

I maybe unaware of many of my potentials, but my constant attraction and amusement towards the animal kingdom doesn’t surprise me much after all these years.

I have been a pretty ‘famous‘ kid in my family, for this fond behavior of mine, especially coming from a time when animals were just not taken seriously enough.

I have been ‘almost’ kicked by a happy grazing horse because my innocent instincts as a child did not warn me before I was attracted to grab the lusciously swaying mane of the careless creature. Had it not been for my pretty fluffy frock, I would have ended up having some cracked ribs and howling parents.

However, time evolved and I continued my adventurous childhood. I had several pet episodes from rescuing a hen and adoring her as my best friend, celebrating birthday parties for my love birds, going crazy over my bunnies and being obsessed about my roaming baby parrot who I would sincerely put to bed every single night until her instincts asked her to fly away. All this and more of such incidents in details, have ever since then been a popular storytelling about me by my elders gathering much praise and ridicule at the same time.  I will admit, that I never took  the ridicule very seriously apart from now laughing inside out of the insane little things my heart has made me do.

It was not long since the epic stories of my childhood animal-love craze had faded and this time it obviously had to be my better half, who has been having to deal with me and the varied dimensions of my personality. :D. And I must proudly admit that I have added so much variety to his usual mundane living. 😉

From feeding stray dogs and having a fan club of dogs following me in my house street, in India that I  have ever heavenly adored, to finding peace within myself by working at the shelter and fostering dogs whom I could help in my own small ways ways, are the small things that make me feel good about being me. But something such as this particular incident had pretty much manage me to amuse myself and needless to say, jolt my husband. 😀

It was that evening when I was running late on my usual schedule and was unforgivably late to take my foster dog, Rex for his evening walks. While I had literally tired myself out in the efforts of exhausting my dog, who actually showed no such similar signs but of more enthusiasm, I spotted a slender sharp eared dog in the distant with no leash, collar, or any human around. At first I expected his or her parent to be around and started talking to my dog in gibberish how well the other fellow was without leash and hoped Rex would understand the rest of my expectation from my intention. You know, when they say that animals can read your mind and energy ~ it was clearly an effort in that direction.

In the next 5 seconds, I had 10 thoughts that ran in my mind. I was all geared  and enthused to help this young abandoned funny looking stray dog. I did wonder his breed, because he looked much like the strays back home in India but nothing like I would expect to come across in the US owing to my limited knowledge, to the dog breeding industry.

I approached the seemingly scared fellow with some treats that I had with me. I usually keep them handy to teach my dog leash walking manners and here it seemed that they could be useful even otherwise. Anyways, I moved closer carefully not to scare the dog away, trying to call him closer extending my hands with the treats but it was of no help. The fellow seemed even more scared and ran into the neighboring bushes. Surprisingly my companion mutt did not even make a hush and it seemed pretty weird to me.


I did think of giving a call to my spouse who was busy practicing his strings and urge him to help take this guy to the local shelter, but had I just not hurried out of my house and remembered to carry my cell phone along, I would have done that too.

With helpful thoughts hovering on my mind, I changed my route and while we were strolling our way back to our apartment, a friendly jogger passed by me, notifying that there was a young coyote out there in the bushes and it would not be really safe. “Ahh. Now I know why he wasn’t sure about the treats and why my mutt had made no sign of agreement. How the hell am I still so stupid?” And headed straight back home.

With a proud voice I alarmed my husband, that I was back home and like my stereotypical ways, I called him loud as I began to remove my shoes.

” You know what?”
“No,what? “, his usual reply.
” I was luring a coyote to come home with me.”

Pin Drop Silence

“What? Really What?”

And I burst out laughing right there. ” I thought it was an abandoned dog and I could be of some help. I have never seen a coyote in real and besides that, don’t you think it was exciting?”  “I must advice you that besides your good intention, you really should not be thinking so much. It clearly isn’t anything that I would call exciting. I am grateful that you are lucky and safe and I am not chasing a 911 at the moment” and he helplessly returned to strumming his guitar.

“Please don’t go to walk Rex , so late in the evening. I really cannot afford to foster coyotes in the house” was the last bit of murmur that came out of him after a while and I was still wondering and secretly laughing inside, thinking of what I was just about to do. It was almost like the narrow escape from being kicked by that horse, back in those days.:D

But nevertheless, my stories shall continue, hopefully sensible ones…

Alas! Marriage can truly have so much to endure. 😀 ♥

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The Spoon with Fingers

As a growing child, when I was being familiarized with table and culinary etiquette that would make me a dignified lady at the table, I was introduced to some tools, the application of which would help me conduct poise and refinement. I was often told,” there can be a lot told about you with your ‘meal’ mannerisms .” As a part of our culture, we take pride in eating, using our hands and in most cases we do find the food more relishing and satiating but coming to the tools, the spoon-fork-knife were the essential components to equip good eating that could not be ignored.

I have to admit I am a foodie and it shows on me. Exercise and diet regimes and food love go hand in hand in my life and I pay equal attention to both being integral for my survival. Now as a beginner in table etiquette, I never really understood the reason for the split spoon lying with so much pride  beside my plate. The spoon was any day a more pleasant equipment to deal with as it picked up the food for me with less effort which the splitted spoon known as the fork never did. It was so disappointing to see all my food drop back on the plate from in- between its fingers and I had been mostly confused and repeatedly reminded about holding them in the right hands for the right purpose. All I knew then, that when it was time for a Chinese meal, the fork was the most handy cutlery to come to rescue for a hungry me.

My mother back then, used to joke and tell me, “You can’t have everything easy and your way. You have to know what to do, when and how to do it. Life will eventually teach you.”

Like most other things, I hardly found any correlation to what she said and what it had to do with my cutlery confusion. But as years went by, I kept adapting and preparing myself to be the graceful lady at the supper table, I learned more and more ways of using the spoon with fingers, the fork. I saw others around me,learned, tried the wrong and the right ways, switched the spoon and the fork several times to understand their mechanism in sync and gradually knew when to quit the spoon, move out of the comfort and grab the fork to make a new convenience and all of a sudden, like a click in a dream, her words brought in more meaning to me than ever.





Snoopy’s Family Stroll- “A Chaotic Comedy”

21st September, 2015

Today was one glorious day. Som, had volunteered to take Snoopy for his night stroll. I was so relieved that I apparently had one job less on my plate today. However still, my good self thought of giving Som some company in the post dinner walk. 🙂

From the day Snoopy was in our home, I had been in-charge, by will or by no-choice to take him for his strolls. When mornings would be too early for my husband to wake up unless I stressed my vocal chords for the sake of a crisis, the evenings would be followed by his official calls and presentation leaving him less productive in matters that he might and could have been required elsewhere. So, today was the day when Snoopy and I would have the company of Som in our late evening strolls and in a glimpse it turned out like a hilarious disaster.

Now being a part of the fraternity that loves dogs, we have had been generously taking care of one particular stray dog for more than a year now and recently she had given birth to a litter. However, from the time Snoopy arrived, I admit not being able to provide regular food and enough love to this poor girl. So I thought, today I could take a chance to feed her while Som would take the responsibility of strolling Snoopy. Plight! Snoopy and Tilly have an unspoken eye interaction and Som and I now know for sure that we were already done with stroll. I could not imagine myself counselling Tilly to calm down and assure that I still love her while Som desperately managed to take snarling Snoopy away on the other side of the lane (technically at that moment I did think of granting myself the possible title of an amateur ‘Dog Whisperer’) .Past a couple of minutes as I moved to join Snoopy and Som, and there it was, “they are not in my visible sight”.

” One day, I ask you to take him out and you guys don’t even wait for me “, the wife inside me murmured to the husband. Fearing nothing, with vigor and authority, I walked further into the lane that was comparatively sadly lit, to look for the two guys with complete confidence. It was almost 11pm past and I saw no sign of them and all that I could hear were strays bark in the vicinity of the darkness which made me sense a fear for Som in the midst of them. I was absolutely sure about Snoopy who would not let his petite size and currently weak body undermine his “dog” spirits to the best of his capacity. With almost half of all the confidence that these guys must be in trouble, I took my walk through the lightless lanes back towards home and from a distance I saw a man running towards our building and then running back with another man from the building. As I walked closer, I was pretty certain it was Som and seeing him run, all that I could think was Snoopy might have been trouble.

I desperately reached in front of the building and was utterly confused. The caretaker’s wife looked worried and spoke to me in a distressed tone in her native Telugu language of which I could hardly comprehend any bit and then in a second I heard Snoopy bark upstairs and I was stunned. I then figured out that the distress in her tone was because Som was running around looking for me, thinking I might be in the middle of some uncalled trouble while I had been looking for him, rather them on the other side of the locality.

The caretaker’s wife instructed me with a demanding note that I stay put till the time she goes and informs Som that I was “found”.

The moment we saw each other and knew that all the runabout was now over and we all are safe, in spite of all the adversely disturbing thoughts, it called for some relief. The expression I sensed on Som’s face that day was like he was almost on the verge of a cardiac arrest of the fear that something might have gone wrong with me and of all the possibilities that he kept on murmuring to himself untill the next 45 minutes. On the other hand, Snoopy was barking helplessly wondering where we might have vanished keeping him alone and leashed. In no time, just one day of a family stroll turned out to be a complete chaotic comedy.

We composed ourselves and all three of us walked inside the house rest assured that eventually we are home and we should refrain from such hopeless adventurers where we make blunders like Som leaving his cell phone back home and me having carried the keys that left both of them locked outside until I was located back home.:D

This had been one of the craziest and even, the most hilarious day that we recollect now, during Snoopy’s stay with us. Among all other things he became instrumental just to remind us in a a conventional and regular day, how much Som and I meant to each other and how much Snoopy had now become a part of our craziness.