Faith vs Fear


Last Friday, as out on one of our Friday dine out events at an American Dinerwe happened to be friends there with a lady aged with experience and insights and so much and more was just being casually discussed over a steaming cup of hot coffee getting cold. It is then, when out of the many things, she mentioned about FEAR and FAITH and defined FEAR as explicitly as a “False Evidence Appearing Real”. I couldn’t have agreed more. Yes, Faith and Fear do walk hand in hand and sometimes they do tend to appear as one.

Ever since then, I really haven’t been able to take it off my mind. It’s so true. Faith is what we have within ourselves and Fear is what we make or perceive of. Both Fear and Faith walk like controversial partners, hand in hand and in most circumstances they do go through an osmosis and in a blink of an eye, become one.

While Faith is the heart’s own child, Fear as I perceive is the child of the analytical mind. From all the hardships, struggles, pitfalls and deception that we come across in our social and materialistic living, Fear is born. And as we grow older, so does it grow with us in some form or another.

Fear brings in, the dark clouds of doubt in a package deal and persuades us never to leave the shore of comfort. It makes us question time and time again about our capabilities and wants us to surrender the weaker part of us until it’s objective is finally fulfilled.

But Faith, I guess on the other hand just makes us feel different and real. No matter what the world thinks of us or who we may want to portray ourselves as, Faith appears to be the candid mirror to all that talking that happens inside each one of us. It is Faith, that end of the day keeps us moving and forces us to push open the shut or the rusted gates locked by Fear.

tomAs I have been pondering over this for the past couple of days,I can now relate and make complete sense to the devil and angel sitting on the shoulders of our favorite cartoon characters, driving them insane to make the right call and choose the path that is less traveled than usual.

It is weird, how as a child, things that we so casually picked up and learnt, fade away and seem to be lost while we aim and aspire to be a member of this the ‘civilized and advanced’ world of the grown ups.

At each stage, both Fear and Faith have been the toughest challenges to be fought in their own ways, just that the innocent and untainted hearts of a child always saw Faith and lived merrily as ever and the one now living in the shell of a grown up is entrusted with the job of assessing Fear more than it can actually handle.

And recently, as I have been deciphering many angles of my goals vis-a vis my comfort zones crowded with the constant chatter inside my head, this very break up of the word, ‘FEAR ~ False Evidence Appearing Real’ brings in a ray of some needed hope. It compels me to realize that had it not been for this competition of Fear or Faith that only the persistent caterpillars and not all, could break their cocoon in splendid colors of a butterfly and woo the world, the bold sunflowers that gaze right into the eye of the blazing Sun and bloom carelessly, the first Human and so many more who followed the footprints thereafter, to ever dare to climb the unattainable peaks of the Himalayas and also for those who believed to discover the world that exists beyond the merely vast circumference of the Earth and eventually were rewarded with a different perspective of the horizon. 


P.S: Do you feel the same conflict of Fear and Faith within you? I would be curious and inspired to know your story and how you decide to choose, in the comments below 🙂

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‘Re-discovered’ along the Trails

18th September 2016; and I feel the breeze of a Sunday evening on my face, just as if it was for the first time in ages and indeed, it was.

In the quest to chase boredom, temporary failed attempts for desired outcomes in most areas of my perceived aspirations of ambitious living, I landed up entertained with a couple of engagements.

I, at no cost wanted to become the ’empty vessel’ auditioning through an amplifier. So, I started following some of my creative passions, digesting the bitter pill that in no sooner time, would that give me a paycheck end of the month but hopefully would fill me with a dose of contentment.

From here began the vigor and the constant inner push to write and vent through my blogs, discover the happy side of being a vegan foodie, work on creating prints- doodling, relevant and irrelevant ones, DIY recycle crafts to deck up our new apartment where we just moved in 4 months ago and watching the walking trail that is so lush green and faces the patio of our modest nest.

Apart from the patio, my work desk and my bedroom too, are the ideal windshields to this walking trail, where neighbors of the community and adjacent residency go out for scheduled fitness runs & geared up bicycle rides, chit-chatting friends who brisk walk and burn calories, new mommy’s sweating it out with their baby’s in the stroller, young school folks confidently sweeping in and out on their skateboards and what gets most attractive to me, are the single dwellers or devoted couples who are out walking their four legged furry friends.

If anything in this crowd and apart from my flowers dancing along the tune of the peaceful morning breeze, makes me smile and drool, is watching the adorable pooches and their amazing human parents.

Amidst all this and all my planned modes of creative and constructive diversions, began the probe to want a four legged companion for myself. With such willful imagination, I almost started living with a pooch, marveling at the change of events that it could promise in my lonesome hours, and then it was time to ‘Google’.

I encouraged my husband, took him into confidence with much less choice left open to him, and we began the expedition to adopt our first baby- our first doggy member.                       We Browsed and researched through adorable dogs, filled in application forms in almost all the nearby shelters and patiently waited to hear that a match had been found – somewhat like the matrimony sites that run the marathon of matchmaking crafts in India. 

After a month of wait, “I finally have a happy email in my inbox. We have an appointment with a furry guy called Wrinklet (yeah little out-of -the box name for a guy, but who cares when the guy in question is so adorable).”                                                                                           An unexpected 45 minute drive, a 15 minute mad hunt around the adoption event venue and hopeless upsurge of emotion of not being able to spot the event on time, was the priceless premium to meet Wrinklet – the smiling doggy in white. Mellowed and calm, he came close to sniff us and as we bent over to pat him and exchanged our first glance of mutual interaction, it all went with an ‘Awwwwwee’ ♥

The next morning, was that very morning from my imagination. A trial adoption was about to begin and a pooch was about to cross the threshold of our condo and I had hopes up in the sky. The trial was to last for 5 days and it was time to assess if we both could match and cope up with each other’s life style. Knowing us, as in me and my husband, I wasn’t really sure who had to cope up more, as facts unfolded dogs being manufactured to be playful and active and for us well, the recliners and bed explains it pretty much all.

But after all that research and pepped up hopes, I wasn’t going to really let the comforts pull me down. Finally the snoozing session with my smartphone alarms were resolved and morning walks began. Soon, I was one among the crowd, in the green lush walking trails, that I always watched from the blue camp chair in my cozy patio. People and dog greetings seeped in as an unsaid routine and lonesome boredom began to better tackled. I was now a prospective proud pet parent and in a long time, this was making me happy from within.


Wrinklet never seemed to have responded to his name, so we tried with an even cooler title and named him Rex. Sharp and alert black and white ears (literally) , pinky eyes with white lashes, soft white coat and a look that melts your heart like chocolate in a fondue pot, he is a handsome combination of an Australian Cattle Dog and a Terrier. Oh and did I forget- he is one hyper active fellow ! Nonetheless, he is a top rated charmer and everything around both of us had just started turning afresh.

Time flew and 5 days passed in a snap of a finger. It was the Sunday of the following weekend since Rex joined us and we were preparing to venture the trails for our routine evening walks. It was comparatively late than our usual schedule and there were hardly other companions that evening on that trail. Rex and I indisputably had the trails to us and we walked it down like two old pals having so much to catch up.

Hardly can I assess, what struck in me after those first 15 minutes of our personal stroll, and just to keep pace with my excited mutt, I happened to set aside my fears and gather some courage to match mine with his. And I began to jog intermittently. After 21 long years, four corrective spinal surgeries, bedridden months, years of rehab and majorly lost confidence when it came to physical strength, I felt the stir in my feet. Rex’s leash in my hand, his excitedly wagging tail and the assuring look into my eyes, converted my yearning into a boost that just managed to pump some forgotten motion in my feet.

The breeze that then blew on my face, from that very moment, on the evening of 18th September 2016, was such a long awaited reward and the confidence my new companion evoked in me just got ‘Priceless’!

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