Wordless Wednesday – The Key to Paradise

    Sometimes in Tragedy, we find our Lives Purpose. ~ Robert Brault As Australia and many parts of the world still battle the relentless wildfires, this piece of art brought back so many memories. In November 2019, exactly one year after the most devastating campfire in California's history, Jessie Mercer, the 34-year-old art therapist …

A New Begining For a New Decade

Decorative Pebbles

It's 2020 and that marks a fresh new decade of huge possibilities. But as we accomplish milestones and take on with new ones, let's appreciate and reach out to those who couldn't. Also as we witness natural disasters and political upheavels in all corners of our world, let kindness and empathy make way for a much more meaningful decade to come.

If Only

There was a time, like the 'once upon a time' thing, that all the posts on Facebook defining veganism would make less sense to me. I did understand that it was about standing up for the right of animals other than we humans, but its deeper implications in terms of traveling an enlightened route of …