February Fever

It is the popular month of February and not because it has the unusual 28 days or the rare 29 days stretch but more because the branding industry has genuinely endorsed this month as diligently as I would want to bake a cake.

I mean, from the time I realized myself as a teen, the promotion of ‘February’ has really got my hopes high and let me ponder with nothing more than a  “why?” and at times a “when?”

The television channels from back then until now are nothing more than the color pink or red, flooded with tempting chocolates, roses, shining diamonds, sales and offers and snugly bears and overly happy couples. It is not that I do not admit couples can be really that happy, but the temptations they create are so hard to resist, I tell you.

Almost every store, even the grocery or the pet stores have red hearts floating around and tons of chocolate boxes and huge bears dumped right at the entrance and you feel like jumping right into them just like a kitten would react to pile yarn balls. But hold on, “I am definitely a mature 30+ women (not that numbers really matter) and why on Earth am I still wanting to behave like a desirous teen girl? What is wrong with me?” Well,hell no, “I am very much human and all this around me is sparking that old teen fire and not letting me be me.”

And to top it all, even friends till date often end up asking about special plans for the Valentine’s day and I bland and maturely address them back by sweetly saying, “Nothing much, we may just go for a nice dinner.” Oh trust me, in this rat race if I am served hot dinner even at home, having nothing to do, I will treat multiple days as the special February day. No roses, no diamonds, no chocolates just a princess treatment should well suffice. 😉

And, in all this hype and celebration and tempting distractions to spend the wallet, it is my spouse who is my closest soft target (but of-course). I simply love to trouble him (in the good ways) from time to time to keep the spark sparkling. 😀vulpes_vulpes_face

So, this afternoon I reminded him about the first and the last rose he gave me when we first started dating 4 years ago emphasizing the fact that it not the materialistic things that matter however they can seem to make some more sense on particular days.

Me: “You know what? I guess it would be a great idea to relive it again”

He: “Sure, do you want to go to the nursery and shop some plants?”

Me: “Really ? That many?”

He: “Sure, why not? You would not have one but lots of flowers all round the year.”

Me:” Wow, that was my husband talking!”


Me Again: ” How about we go to the shelter and adopt some dogs for our family? We love dogs don’t we 😀

He: “dogS?”


Me: “Why not? Isn’t that an effective gift, a family member who we can have for life.?”

He: ” When is the time that you are not this creative? We should talk at leisure then.”

Well, this is pretty much how my teen valentine fever has modified and nurtured over the years and now I living with my  partner who is certainly my best buddy and stress buster but also technically incapable to think hypothetically which is why I have to work hard to constantly being creative and pretty much show him the mirror. super-grin

But on a serious note, I feel that besides the glitz, glamour, craze and a blow to the wallet that the social media or the marketing industry has brought upon us for the first 15 days of this month, it is indeed nice to celebrate the little things and reflect on the cherished moments that our loved ones bring into our lives not just on one day but for days and years together.

It is eventually not that things we buy or give on a said date, but the smallest gestures that last for even more than a lifetime even though the cuddly-snugly bears on the store  counters stare right back into your eyes and insistently tell you ~ “C’mon ask me out of here. ” 🙂 ♥

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Good food is delight and good dessert is a bliss!

I had come across this picture sometime ago and the resemblance of it with me was so strong that I couldn’t help saving it on my desktop. What an untold yet explicit expression has this picture captured or may be it is all about the strong resemblance we share ( I and the pup)!

This is exactly my condition when I hit a confectionery or cross by a bakery. I am so mesmerized that I can have a crisis of words to explain how I feel. Thankfully, I have some special people in my life who accept me this way and control my phases of frequent upsurge of excited emotions, and at the same time know to loosen up the leash when it is the right time.

Everything about a good looking cake draws me. The appearance, the colors, the shape, the distinct aroma that fills a bakery and the mystery of it’s taste. But, this is not the end.It is rare that I get the chance to taste it. Thanks to all the insidious scary calories and unwanted fat that comes with a hefty price.

Why and why on earth do such tempting pieces of ecstasy,calms the mind and scares the weighing scale?


Growing up as a ‘healthy and cuddly’ child, I have been innumerably forbidden to the category of the ‘don’t eat’s’ but my devoted love for good cakes has remained solid ever since then.

thirtyrosesA love so strong, that I developed the knack to bake cakes my way (vegan ways) so they no longer remain forbidden in any ways to me, any longer and I can moderately and frequently surrender myself to the pleasure of the palate 🙂

Well, come to think of it, what makes some of the most desirable things so true to be tempting and yet forbidden? Is it because someone advised them to be so or is it because of the anticipation of what might follow? For sure, it is obvious by now, after being on the happier and some-what matured side of thirty, there is definitely a frenzy charm that underlies in things that are forbidden. The more we know a thing  is forbidden , the more is the curiosity to explore and uncover it, just like discovering a secret chest aging in the dark corners of the attic.

In a world like today, we are all kids outside the candy store.

While some like me, are tempted to cross the glass window and discover the cake beneath the enticing frosting, there is the other half of the race, who are engaged in discovering the forbidden powers and wrecking the world for nobody’s good continuing the legendary stories of the jinxed ‘forbidden fruit’.

Had half the world chosen good taste over these deceptively good forbidden powers, I bet it could turn out to be so much better for all of us..



Yes, totally. That is exactly how I feel about most of us. Lost!

It amuses me to see how we have become or rather we might have always been in the scenario of being so clueless about our own selves? It is glum to realize how in spite of all the modern conveniences and technologies hovering around us, all we have landed up in, is being nothing more than being confused as ever and never before.

As a young kid, to remember of all the differences that I encountered, were with my sibling.
We all know, how it is having an elder brother or sister and in my case I have grown up with an elder brother and we botsiblingsfightingh crossed our thirties with a whole bunch of differences in opinions and fights over the most trivial things. And now, it’s like, I do not even need to mention the bonding that has grown over the years.

As the teen years set in, I did grew up witnessing things mostly predominant like gender prejudices . I have grown up in the traditionally rich and culturally diverse land of India however the reason behind this paradox has not yet seeped me with enough logic. Although most of us do look at it with a different angle, viewing the culture as orthodox or one of constraint fashion. But whatever it is, it has been that way for years and thankfully, it has now has been gifted with at least some needed moderation by the present days.


But hold on, that is not the end even by the slightest. I never did get a chance to solve the mystery of “Men are from Mars and Women from the Venus” agenda and my mature self bumps to other insanely traumatic footings of being annoyed and agonized by the clothes one chooses to wear, the food one prefers to eat, your professional choices,the God you want to love, the faith you want to adopt, your sexual orientation and everything about being “Just YOU” and all that remains is a surreal competition.20140114-225751

I bet, I couldn’t have asked for more complications with their certainly absurd implications.

We are living in a modern society that is so constantly engaged in being judgmental having a need for a revolution and upsurge for some of the most basic aspects of our living. A fight to choose and be safely open about our sexual orientation, a need for a revolution to enlighten a cruelty free behavior and a compassionate food choice, wars that exhibit enforcing higher powers over the others eventually leading to dead ends, tournaments over having a particular faith and being benched on the basis of the color of the skin one wears.

And did I forget? -“You’re 30 and still not married? Are you single and if so why? Are you not a parent yet? ” Sigh! Oh Lord! the list is so endless and unfortunately not so futile.

In the century of the geniuses, we are merely and majorly fighting combats and cold wars, just to prove ourselves and our opinions right, one over and after the other. 


Bottom line – we all have issues with pretty much everything and all that we are doing now is poking our noses in “no one’s business”. Seriously, how much excitedly boring does this has to get?

I wish, one fine morning we all get to wake up and look at our devices having to read nothing about wars, protests, killings, the extensive illustrations of the inhumane “us” and it all gets lost in place of the us, who have been lost instead.



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A Reflection Of the Pure

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul”. I came across this phrase long time ago, say when I was in the habit of writing diaries and filling pages with quotes, that would strike even the mildest cord in my mind and since then, this philosophy did become a fascinating subject.

Its a saying or a belief that, a glistening pair of eyes is the window to the soul that is still innocent, connected with the higher being and is flawless and pure. No wonder why babies and animals have ever since attracted me. Reason- both of them are innocent, unaware of the crap that we pull on ourselves in everyday lives and mostly because they live without perceptions. Have you ever looked into their eyes and managed to refrain yourself from their sparkling purity? Yes, purity sparkles.

It is indeed in their eyes that I find purity and undeniable radiance. A language so unheard but so deeply felt that it manages to electrify and reflect my soul. It is this rare opportunity that we get to see the world from their eyes, from their vision,one that is so joyous, pleasant and delightful.But what happens when the same baby grows to an adult like us? Those very same eyes happen to loose their radiance and adapt the shine that flaunts the smiles and curtains the pain, struggle and the lessons we collect as we have walked in the garden paths mixed with dried twigs and blooms.

But somehow nature and evolution has managed to strike this balance. Where, with us the purity of innocence tends to fade with time, the one that I see in the eyes of an animal or a similar sentient being, still prevails. They still manage to have those eyes that can carry so much just more than a sight. Its true that they do not speak our language but if we care to hear by what we see through those marble like eyes, we wouldn’t need one. It’s that purity I guess, that instills us, connects us to our very own selves and gives us a chance to find that child that has somehow and somewhere got lost in the trade of struggles and successes. So lost, that at times we fail to become the voice for the voiceless, to stand by the most basic and intrinsic values with which we grow to be ‘sensible adults’ and just move with the crowd senselessly like zombies. I admit to see purity of life when I look into the similar eyes of a baby and an animal. Purity because unlike ours, they are  void of deception and perceptions and filled with the strength of existence. No wonder how mature we adults are, we happen to cherish the little priceless joys while holding a smiling baby in our arms and to hear the opera of their babbles, when we come home and our dog licks us and jumps over us like they haven’t seen us in years and when we have been kind to respect their life and freedom, their one kind look at you, seem to type a million words that express oodles of love.

And so, here I wish to ask you if you have ever felt the same kind of purity of our own existence while you looked into the eyes of a baby and other sentient being? I hope yes and I hope more because then that would mean, that tomorrow could still have a chance and the world could continue to be a better place to breathe in.

Snoopy’s Family Stroll- “A Chaotic Comedy”

21st September, 2015

Today was one glorious day. Som, had volunteered to take Snoopy for his night stroll. I was so relieved that I apparently had one job less on my plate today. However still, my good self thought of giving Som some company in the post dinner walk. 🙂

From the day Snoopy was in our home, I had been in-charge, by will or by no-choice to take him for his strolls. When mornings would be too early for my husband to wake up unless I stressed my vocal chords for the sake of a crisis, the evenings would be followed by his official calls and presentation leaving him less productive in matters that he might and could have been required elsewhere. So, today was the day when Snoopy and I would have the company of Som in our late evening strolls and in a glimpse it turned out like a hilarious disaster.

Now being a part of the fraternity that loves dogs, we have had been generously taking care of one particular stray dog for more than a year now and recently she had given birth to a litter. However, from the time Snoopy arrived, I admit not being able to provide regular food and enough love to this poor girl. So I thought, today I could take a chance to feed her while Som would take the responsibility of strolling Snoopy. Plight! Snoopy and Tilly have an unspoken eye interaction and Som and I now know for sure that we were already done with stroll. I could not imagine myself counselling Tilly to calm down and assure that I still love her while Som desperately managed to take snarling Snoopy away on the other side of the lane (technically at that moment I did think of granting myself the possible title of an amateur ‘Dog Whisperer’) .Past a couple of minutes as I moved to join Snoopy and Som, and there it was, “they are not in my visible sight”.

” One day, I ask you to take him out and you guys don’t even wait for me “, the wife inside me murmured to the husband. Fearing nothing, with vigor and authority, I walked further into the lane that was comparatively sadly lit, to look for the two guys with complete confidence. It was almost 11pm past and I saw no sign of them and all that I could hear were strays bark in the vicinity of the darkness which made me sense a fear for Som in the midst of them. I was absolutely sure about Snoopy who would not let his petite size and currently weak body undermine his “dog” spirits to the best of his capacity. With almost half of all the confidence that these guys must be in trouble, I took my walk through the lightless lanes back towards home and from a distance I saw a man running towards our building and then running back with another man from the building. As I walked closer, I was pretty certain it was Som and seeing him run, all that I could think was Snoopy might have been trouble.

I desperately reached in front of the building and was utterly confused. The caretaker’s wife looked worried and spoke to me in a distressed tone in her native Telugu language of which I could hardly comprehend any bit and then in a second I heard Snoopy bark upstairs and I was stunned. I then figured out that the distress in her tone was because Som was running around looking for me, thinking I might be in the middle of some uncalled trouble while I had been looking for him, rather them on the other side of the locality.

The caretaker’s wife instructed me with a demanding note that I stay put till the time she goes and informs Som that I was “found”.

The moment we saw each other and knew that all the runabout was now over and we all are safe, in spite of all the adversely disturbing thoughts, it called for some relief. The expression I sensed on Som’s face that day was like he was almost on the verge of a cardiac arrest of the fear that something might have gone wrong with me and of all the possibilities that he kept on murmuring to himself untill the next 45 minutes. On the other hand, Snoopy was barking helplessly wondering where we might have vanished keeping him alone and leashed. In no time, just one day of a family stroll turned out to be a complete chaotic comedy.

We composed ourselves and all three of us walked inside the house rest assured that eventually we are home and we should refrain from such hopeless adventurers where we make blunders like Som leaving his cell phone back home and me having carried the keys that left both of them locked outside until I was located back home.:D

This had been one of the craziest and even, the most hilarious day that we recollect now, during Snoopy’s stay with us. Among all other things he became instrumental just to remind us in a a conventional and regular day, how much Som and I meant to each other and how much Snoopy had now become a part of our craziness.