Do it Anyway!

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It is not in the knowing alone, but also in the unknown, that allows us to harness our unseen potential and become a sign of the purpose of life. And such can be the manifestation of bliss! ♥     Image by: unsplash-logoGeorge Hiles

Because Stars are Meant to Shine

They say, "we are built from our situations at different phases of our lives," but the question that provokes me is, " are we becoming what we would like to see ourselves as?" Every time that we look into the mirror of our conscience and see the person we have become or are in the …

Que Sera Sera

"Whatever will be, will be.. the future's not ours to see.. Que Sera Sera" One of the most popular chart-busters of the 1950's by Doris Day, could not have been more evident as for today. I crisply remember this song being taught back in the cherished school days in our music lesson classes and our …

Faith vs Fear

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Interesting! Last Friday, as out on one of our Friday dine out events at an American Diner, we happened to be friends there with a lady aged with experience and insights and so much and more was just being casually discussed over a steaming cup of hot coffee getting cold. It is then when out of the many things, …