Que Sera Sera

“Whatever will be, will be..

the future’s not ours to see..

Que Sera Sera”

One of the most popular chart-busters of the 1950’s by Doris Day, could not have been more evident as for today.

I crisply remember this song being taught back in the cherished school days in our music lesson classes and our beautiful music teacher swaying her head, while her dainty fingers danced on the black and white bold keys of the piano, stimulating modest auditorium of little girls who could just barely be patient to sing the chorus.

Oh, I just wish if we could sing the chorus in the same spirit even today as matured adults!

I was doing the dishes the other day, with millions of thoughts patrolling my mind asking questions and searching for feasible pacifying answers when an old chord struck me like a jolt. And it was the chorus of this beautiful song, “Que Sera Sera”.

I washed and dried my hands in excitement, asking the patrol to take some rest and the very next moment I couldn’t help but play the music loud on You Tube and gazed outside the window feeling somewhat contented.

I love how the questions transition along the phases of our life but never end, even though they are wished to vanish at some point or other.

Soaking in the lyrics, I reminisced the unbreakable bonding that I shared with my mother as a young girl who simply followed her like her tail with endless questions, a teen who kept asking her for beauty advice, curious to know the world beyond the graduation ceremony, a young lady setting her steps to build her career, the woman looking forward to marry the man she loved and the one now, who still has plenty of questions for the life ahead of her. But ever since then and till the gist of our gossips today, she has had one common ground answer to all, “Don’t worry, you are a strong girl and everything will be just fine.”

I sat and smiled feeling perplexed, if my instinct to question was my natural curiosity or if it was her consolation that has always made me seek for comfort.

It is most certainly a mother’s strength to retain her patience year after year, irrespective of distances and inopportune situations, that she never fails to soothe her children with her magical support.

It is also so undeniably true, that no matter how hard we want or try to control, “whatever will be, will be and the future’s not ours to see”. We spend most of our lives thinking of the ‘tomorrow’ and the joys of the ‘present’ just slip by, unnoticed and unappreciated. There is absolutely nothing that we can achieve by pining for a better ‘tomorrow’ unless we prepare ourselves and act for a conscience and a kinder ‘today’. Because even though we cannot see, there ought to be far more better things that lie ahead of us than where we might have been or where we may feel stranded at the moment. After-all, we are the only artist of our lives and it is we alone who have the liberty to fill strokes of our most desired colors.

If you have been having a hard time or even if you are lucky not to go through one, please spare some time to savor and indulge yourself in these wise, classic lyrics.  https://youtu.be/SdhAfMor9BM

Thank you so much Doris Day for giving us this piece for our heart♥

Feature Image By: Tom Ezzathkhah

In a quick flashback

The calendar is on the 27th December 2016, today and I was in simply in no mood to work on my designs, rather just chose to sit in my cozy living room that is comparatively larger when I am alone in our apartment. And yes, I had one of my most adorable foster dog, Cupcake chilling out with her head on my lap and with all the happy hormones oozing out in both our systems, I couldn’t help drifting into time lapse.

Each year around this time, it is like customary when we say and hear people say, “how quickly has the year passed!” and much like a ritual its one of those prime topic time to discuss about new year resolutions, at pretty much all gatherings. I had one today this very afternoon during lunch with my husband, just that I did not have much to participate in it.

So, in return I asked him, “What are your new year resolutions?”

“Nothing much”, he said with a pretty decent list that followed thereafter. That is one of his modest ways of expressing his plans and me being pretty dumbfounded.

I really din’t want to think about any resolutions, but just be my better version each day and just take it as it comes. I do definitely want a career break and some cash inflow , be more focused, positive, a more matured version of being in my 30’s, read the books that I eventually hoard from the library and do more animal rescue stuffs. Phew! It seems I got at least something sorted by the year end.

In this whole year, rather starting from the middle of 2015, I have been riding on life’s horseback like an amateur, just grabbing tightly enough not to fall off.

I do not want to sound negative or depressive but it is my heart typing through my fingers today and I want it to flow out so that I have some new room for thoughts to be launched in the next three days. With sleepless nights for more than a year, a push that needed to kick me out of bed, my best friend who is my mother having a stroke and the eventful phase of the ‘no stable career’ mode has given me a run for peace of mind.

The transfer to a new country from India to ‘reset’ my life, friends distancing merely thinking that being in USA is rolling in a bed of velvety rose petals, waiting patiently and non patiently to hear for a job interview with not a single turn-up and then eventually wanting to have a company with a dog with no adoption procedure clearing through has been pretty much the sadder highlights. Instead, I ended up having 6 foster dogs with the 7th rescue dog who was comforting me with her head on my lap, all of whom I gave a piece of my heart and then wept like a mother who gives away her daughter in marriage, when these babies got adopted. I am sure I am going to pour out all the water my tear ducts can support when Cupcake/CC/Cici gets adopted too.

It is not that I am not happy for them. Of course I am. But like I said, I am the mother giving away her child and getting all emotionally unstable and a helpless husband comforting me with much planned ahead lunch or dinner date.

However, I am glad that I could in the least, foster rescue dogs and give some love and get greater in return from them in this year. And while I have had periodic doubts being a good human mother, I realized my confidence that I can be a much better ‘dog mom’. I turned Vegan this year and started off with my  vegan food fascination through  “My Vegan Diary” and stood up for this one very thing that I feel so strongly now, in spite of all the interview sessions that I had to answer at all food invites and even one rare positive nod made a lot of difference to me.

My swim in the uncertainties of the ‘2016’s survival’ has made in flow in the direction of many currents, focused and unfocused and made me rant my heart, mind and soul to my roommate~ my lucky husband. I  will certainly thank my stars for choosing him as my partner but he definitely has the capacity for my outbursts and yet keep me and him, sane. ♥

With the last very few days remaining, I really hope that 2016 tries to bring no more adverse world changing events for any of us. We’ve really had enough. And to be a little self-centered, I would want to give 2017 a heads up, that I am really anticipating you to be little nicer to me and have some mercy, if not on me but on the man who bears the brunt of my crazy stars.

To all of my blogging friends who might read this post, please allow me to thank you from every corner of my author’s heart for appreciating my blogs and for the exciting count of followers of ‘mindeology’ because trust me, it does make a lot of difference when an unknown friend spares some time reading your heart and mind. 🙂

I am positive to bring in some new & happier events in the coming transitional days. Until then, stay safe, stay sane and sail on. 🙂

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