..and Happy Women’s Day

As a teenager, a thing like “Happy Women’s Day” would mean no more than the greeting cards that flooded the stores, flowers being sold at the roundabouts and the  TV commercials engaged in happy women propaganda’s.

And today, the scenario is pretty much still the same but  I am with a different perspective of course.

I grew up in a house with more women than men, read in a convent school that insisted on teaching values more than swallowing text matters and both of these combined, prepared me and so many more like me, around in this world for a reality different than that of fairy-fables without having to give up on the fact that magic and miracles do happen.

I wonder at times, what gives us so much strength to endure the passing storms of everyday life so gracefully or at least  make us appear graceful at any given time? Is it because we never stop believing in the magic of the “what ifs’?”

 Not only are we the living hormone factory but also the empire of overflowing emotions. I bet, each one of us would agree that it is rare we feel the same way throughout the day, each and everyday,thanks to the variety of chemicals and sub chemicals entertaining our hormonal system and yet it is the tiny little casual things that emotionally move our worlds. Ain’t that funny!

We are gifted with strength, passion, admirable inner and outer beauty, love and affection and the sole ability to procreate another life form. However, in spite of the all the bestowed grace we have ‘supposedly’ been set at the mercy of acceptance and acknowledgement of others and at least at some point or the other, personified to become someone else’s perception rather than our own, impersonating the many things a woman “is supposed to be” than what she “is”and the prejudice has ever since continued.

It is wonderful to reflect as a woman today, to fathom the system of creation that allows a girl to celebrate her phases as a little girl that chirps like the happy birds of spring, an enthusiastic and ‘creative in her own ways’ kind of a young daughter, a blooming lady in no-time, preparing her wings to set herself off with a basket full of dreams and aspirations.

With her spirit cultured with magic and miracles of bedtime fairies, she is pumped to explore her life of dreams that are only meant to come true. However there is so much out there that changes the whole equation of what she wished for and what she received instead.

There are rules and norms, perceptions to handled, duties to be fulfilled, sacrifices to be made, master the virtue of forgiveness, battles and insecurities to fight and the constant need to provide caped in a personality full of poise and grace to reclaim yourself as a women at the end of the day.

And in all this turmoil, it is our tiny little dreams that get shoved in the dark corners of the closet. Some of us never get a chance to look for and trace them back and some of us who manage to light the fire of our dreams and pull out that piece of our forgotten bit, make wonders happen surprising the audience that once doubted us.

I seldom smile to myself when I am forced to think if it is this gifted & secret power of women to rise like a phoenix, irrespective of her circumstances,the need for her to be suppressed, questioned, denied and treated differently from her fellow gender?

After all, it absolutely does not need a man alone to change the fate of a woman but the woman herself, who raises both a man and a woman to bring the change we still wait to see.

 ♥Cheers to us and to all the strong women in our lives!♥

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February Fever

It is the popular month of February and not because it has the unusual 28 days or the rare 29 days stretch but more because the branding industry has genuinely endorsed this month as diligently as I would want to bake a cake.

I mean, from the time I realized myself as a teen, the promotion of ‘February’ has really got my hopes high and let me ponder with nothing more than a  “why?” and at times a “when?”

The television channels from back then until now are nothing more than the color pink or red, flooded with tempting chocolates, roses, shining diamonds, sales and offers and snugly bears and overly happy couples. It is not that I do not admit couples can be really that happy, but the temptations they create are so hard to resist, I tell you.

Almost every store, even the grocery or the pet stores have red hearts floating around and tons of chocolate boxes and huge bears dumped right at the entrance and you feel like jumping right into them just like a kitten would react to pile yarn balls. But hold on, “I am definitely a mature 30+ women (not that numbers really matter) and why on Earth am I still wanting to behave like a desirous teen girl? What is wrong with me?” Well,hell no, “I am very much human and all this around me is sparking that old teen fire and not letting me be me.”

And to top it all, even friends till date often end up asking about special plans for the Valentine’s day and I bland and maturely address them back by sweetly saying, “Nothing much, we may just go for a nice dinner.” Oh trust me, in this rat race if I am served hot dinner even at home, having nothing to do, I will treat multiple days as the special February day. No roses, no diamonds, no chocolates just a princess treatment should well suffice. 😉

And, in all this hype and celebration and tempting distractions to spend the wallet, it is my spouse who is my closest soft target (but of-course). I simply love to trouble him (in the good ways) from time to time to keep the spark sparkling. 😀vulpes_vulpes_face

So, this afternoon I reminded him about the first and the last rose he gave me when we first started dating 4 years ago emphasizing the fact that it not the materialistic things that matter however they can seem to make some more sense on particular days.

Me: “You know what? I guess it would be a great idea to relive it again”

He: “Sure, do you want to go to the nursery and shop some plants?”

Me: “Really ? That many?”

He: “Sure, why not? You would not have one but lots of flowers all round the year.”

Me:” Wow, that was my husband talking!”


Me Again: ” How about we go to the shelter and adopt some dogs for our family? We love dogs don’t we 😀

He: “dogS?”


Me: “Why not? Isn’t that an effective gift, a family member who we can have for life.?”

He: ” When is the time that you are not this creative? We should talk at leisure then.”

Well, this is pretty much how my teen valentine fever has modified and nurtured over the years and now I living with my  partner who is certainly my best buddy and stress buster but also technically incapable to think hypothetically which is why I have to work hard to constantly being creative and pretty much show him the mirror. super-grin

But on a serious note, I feel that besides the glitz, glamour, craze and a blow to the wallet that the social media or the marketing industry has brought upon us for the first 15 days of this month, it is indeed nice to celebrate the little things and reflect on the cherished moments that our loved ones bring into our lives not just on one day but for days and years together.

It is eventually not that things we buy or give on a said date, but the smallest gestures that last for even more than a lifetime even though the cuddly-snugly bears on the store  counters stare right back into your eyes and insistently tell you ~ “C’mon ask me out of here. ” 🙂 ♥

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‘Media-ocre’ Drama


The other day while my husband and I were watching television after a long day, we were gaping at some TV commercials when we had our eyes on a new one, defining seduction in a different angle.

Not surprisingly, it was yet another commercial that ends up publicizing a ‘deodorant?’. I mean, whats wrong with the media and the publicity business. Does anything and everything have to sell on the backbone of such an art of seduction?

Whether it is a body lotion or talc, a cologne, chocolates, even some beverages, perfumes and deodorants, simply anything and everything seems to evolve around the concept “that seduction”sells. Just having a look at this commercial makes me feel so dumbfound as to why do we even, not have an authority of trashing them.


Generally, we are familiar with movies or tv series having a restricted audience depending upon their content, but such useless & unrestricted commercials that are being watched numerous times in a day, where you end up wondering whether it’s about a condom (which could rather still make some sense), you eventually land up with some uninformative cosmetic commercial where serious viewing restrictions & filtration might be well required.

For a nation trying to grow so fast, I genuinely feel there is an absolute need of good and positive information that needs to be fed to mature and young minds. An image where women are treated as an object of pleasure or a commodity to boost the market of a particular product should be absolutely unappreciated. The entire focus is either about being fair, being slim, be it the body, or being more indispensably needed, are randomly portrayed through such commercials. When on one hand, there is an upsurge to make the world, not see women as mere products or objects of entertainment, on the very other hand are such ways of  our media’s disconsolate publicity that gives ample scope to look at women in a more depreciated manner.

Such a portrayal does no help but rather is a negative tool to paramount gender expression and set odd standards for the women constantly. It is high time that the contribution of women to the society, as a whole should be valued effortlessly instead of being a tale of struggle.

I recently came across this video and felt it worth a share as it has a significant influence on the kind of life that we as women are leading in a ” progressive and globalized” world. 

Humanitarian Crisis

The devastating Nepal earthquake shook the entire world on the 27th of April 2015. When I look at all the pictures and news posts being constantly and randomly published on the social media, all that comes to me, is to think with awe, that no one could have ever imagined this beautiful nation residing in the cradle of the mighty and magnificent Himalayas would be brought down to such debris.

The killer quakes which haunted for the following 3 days in Nepal and adjoining nations like India and China were felt all over the world. Innocent lost lives & distressed families were just figures now, charting up the score calculator. In hardly no time could I read how the entire world had become one. Relief in the form of army, medicine, food & clothing and millions of dollars were routing to Nepal. Every probable social media site were doing their best to attract consumer contribution that would end up in the Nepal Relief Fund.

As a common citizen of the ‘civilized world’, its amazing and commendable to see how the world united when one of its nations and its people were hit by such a disastrous dream.

Well along the same time, I did also come across some other socially disturbing elements, to run my eyes through.

The merciless kidnapping of 200 young school girls by Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria marking its anniversary by now, and the rage that nobody cared about it enough until then, was amuzing. Political attempts at dialogues and negotiations had been in vain as these young girls were being sold off, killed or converted, randomly like no other commodity.

Brutal and sickening rape cases of young girls who aged somewhere from 3 years and up (ages immaterial) kept knocking the charts like the sensex figures in my country and a saturated piece of information which is now tired of seeking any relief. Be it at the nursery or schools, homes, offices, public places & transports or any other place for that matter, is now a war ground. Ages, decades and years have passed and yet there is more time for implementation of some ‘legal’ rescue operation. All we do is compare such cases around the world and remain satisfied knowing that, at least India does not top the list.

The upsurge of stories of hundreds and thousands of Yazidi women & children who are leading a life of sex slaves forced upon, by the ISIS fanatics is horrific. The ‘some of them’ who managed to escape back to their homeland and were going through the remaining part of their nightmares of acceptance & restoration of their virginity by their families and society, lie in some corner of the media publicity. I at times loose the link trying to understand whether at all, the life saved, was even important or not because all that eventually seem to matter is men, husbands & society accepting them on the certification of their ‘virginity’.

The Indian law makers are still juggling with some pre historic thoughts and ideas, that junks the idea of marital rape in our ‘civilized’ society as a criminal offense. It makes me go numb and lost. “If a women agrees to marry, she probably gives her consent for everything” or rather say, she need not have any consent at all. In the eyes of the our legal system, it is not big a crime that would sentence the offender for more than just 2-7 years of imprisonment and likewise we blame our society for social backwardness on dowry or gender prioritization. On the whole, it makes complete sense now.

And there is so much more that goes unnoticed each and everyday because they may not be so important to us. Women  and children all over the world in a bigger or smaller way, whether educated enough or at the least, are treated as just mere properties and with no surprise, such real time stories  have been considered as a part of the world we live in.

Isn’t this too a ‘humanitarian crisis’? I don’t see the world coming together to react and act, to such tremors that destroys mankind in totality. Why aren’t the super nations and political figures highlighting their strength and potential to eradicate such tragedies of life? What is the point of saving lives and saving mankind from natural disasters if this is the kind of world we all are planning to build to live in?

I wish, at least, at some point we get to live in a place where exploitation, slavery, brutality and ignoring them is also considered as an international disaster where the world could unite to rescue mankind.

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